Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back in Black...aka...Weekend Recap

I'mmmmmm BAAAAAAAAAAAACK!-thank you Aerosmith

So things have been crazy lately...I have been traveling a ton and that left me no time for my precious blog, but never fear loyal readers. I'm BAAAAAAAAAACK with an arsenal of new posts.

First off I am posting a quick recap of this past weekend. After all of my travels, I was ready for a quiet weekend at home. On one of my trips I had some amazing Shrimp Enchiladas that I could not stop thinking about. So I decided to try to recreate them on Friday night....and I did an incredible job. Recipe to come!
Homemade Shrimp Enchiladas Verde w/ Rice and Beans

The next morning Josh and I woke up bright and early to go to CrossFit. After all of my traveling it felt so good to sweat things out and really work it. The WOD was challenging after a week off from working out:

5 Rounds of:
AMRAP in 5 minutes
20 Air Squats
15 Hand-Release Push Ups
10 Box Jumps (24/20) (Games standard)
5 Hand Stand Push Ups
2 Muscle Ups

Rest 2 minutes between rounds.

***Since I cannot do Muscle Ups yet (Video Below) I did 6 Ring Rows and 6 Dips in place of each MU. 

After CF, Josh and I had breakfast and then went out to his pool. It was really hot though (109 Degrees) and we were both still sunburned from our travels (post to come) so we did not last very long. We ran a few errands after that and then went to Mass. Josh went to a Birthday Party that evening while I spent the night catching up on The Bachelorette and eating gelato....it could not have been a better night.

The next morning Josh and I had breakfast and then went to the early showing of TED. TED is about a boy that wishes his Teddy Bear was alive and then the wish comes true. It then follows the two in adulthood. As a person that still sleeps with her teddy bear and thinks knows he is alive, I could totally relate to this movie. That is why I brought Gungie, my bear, to the movie too!
Me and Gungie...we were so excited to see Ted!
TED was great...I loved it, Gungie loved it, and we laughed and laughed. I definitely recommend it. Also, Gungie has a Twitter if you are interested in following him....he is pretty hilarious. Follow GUNGIE!

After I rocked out for a bit, Josh and I went to the grocery store and then back to his place!

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, eating, drinking, reading and watching the movie Act of Valor...which I also loved. It is about Navy Seals and actual Navy Seals did all of the acting. I highly recommend it.
Caprice Salad and Wine

My weekend was perfect. I was able to regroup after being gone for almost 2 weeks and really rest up. 
Plus I got to eat a lot...which is always a bonus.

Now here is a sneak peak on some blogs that are to come:
-Florida Keys Trip
-Father's Day Picnic
-Random Thought Socks
-Shrimp Enchiladas Recipe

Happy Tuesday! 

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