Friday, June 15, 2012

A Hopeful Weekend Recap

 Last Friday Josh and I were suppose to play softball right after work. I was TERRIFIED because although I am an athletic person, I tend to not like games where balls fly at my nose. ("well there goes your social life"...thank you Dion and Clueless)!  Anyway, at the last minute, the other team canceled, so my nose was safe and Josh and I had the evening free. We went to Dr. Granville Moore's for dinner on H street, and as usual, it did not disappoint. I freakin' love that place!
Ceviche Appetizer...delicious and fresh with a bit of a spicy kick at the end.
We had two types of Mussels:
The Navigator which was kind of like an Indian style with lamb sausage and The Marinere which are the tradition garlic, white wine and butter kind. Plus lots of fries and beers!

After dinner we went over to Josh's house to catch up on all of our shows. I am always devastated when Game of Thrones ends. Can Joffrey just be dethroned and slapped around a bit already? Sheesh!

The next morning we got up pretty early and got ready for Crossfit for Hope. We stopped by our favorite bagel place to carb load before the WOD!
My favorite breakfast: NY Lox on a Plain Bagel!

After the WOD, full recap HERE, Josh and I walked back to my place but stopped for popsicles on the way. It tasted SOOOO good after being so hot. 
So sweaty!

Once we got back to my place, Josh hopped in the shower to wash off the CF grime. I on the other hand headed straight to Maggie Malone's for some day drinking with my sweet friends!
Lanie and Alycyn
Me and Beth....look at the guy to the left totally photo bombing us!

After several pitchers of Blue Moon, the ladies and I decided to go meet up Josh at a crawfish boil. The party was pretty tame when we arrived, but we soon took over the flip cup table and got things rowdy. We ended up playing for over 2 hours and beating EVERYONE. I am not even exaggerating (which I admit...I tend to do). I think in the end we won about 35 times in a row.
Number 1!!!!!
Fun Friends...I have my CRAZY eyes!

The next morning I was hurting just a bit and I was starving. So my sweet Josh took me to Chipotle for a recovery lunch. After a burrito bowl and quick nap on the couch, I felt like myself again. We spent most of the afternoon at the pool and then went to Mass that evening. Later Josh made some INCREDIBLE elk burgers, and I made a tomato, watermelon, and feta salad. Along with our favorite counterparts, Alisa and Keith, we ate, drank, and watched The Hangover 2. 
Another great weekend, and I am ready for another!

Happy Friday Everyone!
Hope your weekend is full of joy, and don't forget to wish your Daddies a Happy Father's Day on Sunday. 

I know that I am very thankful for mine!
I love you Daddy!!!!

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