Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Book Club Nights

 About a year ago, at Maple Fest, my friends and I decided to form a book club. We have since been going strong and meet about once a month to discuss books, drink wine, and talk about the Hunger Games. 

Last Wednesday was our June meeting. We rotate who hosts the meeting, and this month's was up in Dupont where our friend Kathryn lives. I got off of work at 6pm, hopped on the metro, and arrived at Dupont Circle at about 6:20. I was meeting Alycyn for dinner, and while I waited for her to get off work I listened to an incredible brass band that was set up by the subway stop. This is another one of the million reasons why I love living in DC...beautiful music when you are least expecting it.

Music after my commute...huge plus!

After a few songs, Alycyn arrived and we walked about ten steps to Shop House. Alycyn has been wanting me to try this place forever, and I was incredibly excited. Shop House is an Asian bistro that reminds me of a Chipotle. You pick your carb (rice or noodles), you pick your protein, you pick your veggies, and then your sauce. I opted for the hot curry even though the server warned me against it, and my nose was on FIRE later. I felt like a dragon. I loved it. I will definitely go back. Not only was the food flavorful and fresh, but it is served in a bowl...which is my favorite way to eat my supper. 
I had brown rice with steak, green beans, and pickled veggies. Next time I might not get the hot curry! haha!

Alycyn stopped to get some yogurt after dinner to quell the fire in her belly and we then walked to Kathryn's house, our book club hostess. She arrived baring gifts...CRUMBS Cupcakes. I had never had these before and they were so precious in this mini cupcake variety pack.
I had the hostess cupcake yummy! Better than the packaged kind ;)

At book club we always have lots of food and wine and great conversation. Here is our usual time line of events:

8:00 to 8:05- Mingle and grab some wine
8:05 to 8:10- Make a few quick references about where things are going with the Hunger Games and the movies
8:10 to 8:14- Talk about the book that we have most recently read
8:14 to 8:57- Pour more wine. Start talking about: Twilight, Hunger Games again, why Jacob is better than Edward, people's plans for the weekend, crazy things we already did the past weekend, drinking, eating, reading, Edward, Jacob, and finally back to the Hunger Games
8:57-9:06- Discuss new books for the next meeting. Search books similar to Hunger Games. Decide on  Book.
9:06-9:10- Say our goodbyes...and see you laters!

I LOVE MY BOOK CLUB. There is no pressure. If you finish the book great. If you don't oh well. We just enjoy being together!
Kathryn would not get in the picture but here is most of the crew!

Our book for June was "A Tree Grows In Brooklyn" by Betty Smith. I have not finished it yet because I didn't start reading it till like two days before our meeting. But, I am over half way through it now, and I love it. It is up there as one of the best ones we have read thus far, and I definitely suggest it to others. It takes place in the early 1900s, and puts a lot of things in perspective. I take so many things for granted at times, and I am trying to be better at stopping and being grateful for all that I have. Life is a wonderful thing, and I am thankful for everyone that is in it with me. 

Happy Thursday! 

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