Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Weekend in India...

 Last Friday was Kate's Birthday! In honor of this momentous occasion, we went to Pour House for some celebratory drinks after work.  On our way to the bar, we ran into Spike. He was a contestant on Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars and owns a burger place and a pizza place near my house. His newest endeavor is a Steak and Frites place that he will be opening on the same block too. If you are ever in DC check out Good Stuff and We The Pizza...a Black and White milkshake from Good Stuff might be one of the best things ever. 

***On a side note, I am a celebrity stalker. So the second I saw Spike I knew I wanted a picture...I interrupted the conversation he was having with some other dude...told him it was Kate's birthday...and gave the camera to the guy he was talking to. I have no shame. He loved it.
Me, Spike, and Kate

We invited Spike to go to Pour House with us...but he had some things to do. So we kept on our way and started celebrating Kate's Birthday!
Kate and her husband Matt
Make a wish!
Me and the birthday girl
Shots shot shots! Kate was scared...
Kate, Josh and Vanessa

Josh and I stayed for a few hours and then decided we were jonesing for some take out Chinese. So we ordered some take out and spent the rest of the evening on his couch...I slept and he watched TV.

The next morning we woke up bright and early for Saturday's 8am WOD.

100 Pull Ups 

100 KB Swings
100 Double Unders
100 Overhead Squats

If you wanted to scale it you could break up the reps. So I did 6 rounds of 15 each and one round of 10.  I used a 26 pound Kettle Bell for the first 5 rounds and then went down to 18 pounds. I also used a 45 pound bar for the squats. It was killer, but I love the Saturday workouts. You always feel like you really accomplished something when it is over!

After CF, Josh made us an excellent breakfast of eggs, fresh fruit, and of my favorite things ever. Since it was such a beautiful day we knew we wanted to be outside so we went over to Top Golf to hit a few balls and have some beers. In general I do not like going to the driving range because I would much rather play a game of golf than practice. Top Golf is the perfect solution for someone like me because you play a game while practicing...and they have Bud Light Lime...yum!
My Golf Coach 
Every time I tried to hit my ball to the green flag I would hit this little truck. Luckily it would then bounce off the truck and into the hole! Points for me!!!

 Golfing was a bit difficult though after the morning WOD, and I was exhausted when we were finished. We went back to Josh's place to take naps, shower, and get ready for Mass. 

Mass was at 5pm and I love the Priest. He gave a great sermon about a Priest, Maximilian Kolbe, who gave his life during the Holocaust for someone he did not know. The Nazis tried to starve him to death, but he kept praying and kept living. Ultimately the Nazis euthanized him. At his Canonization ceremony years later, the man he saved at Auschwitz attended with his family. It is inspirational story of unselfish love and faith, and I left Mass with a great reminder of how blessed I am. A little reminder is needed every now and then. 

After church, Josh and I met some of his friends for a night in India. We went to Aroma for dinner which is an Indian restaurant near Josh's house, and then we went and saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" which is a movie about some peeps in their golden years that move to India from London. The movie was FANTASTIC...similar to Love Actually but with slightly older people but so good. The food at Aroma was even better...I wish I had taken some pictures of it, but I was caught up in excellent conversation with Josh, Hannah, and Brandon!

The next morning, Josh went and played golf EARLY. I woke up, made myself a yummy breakfast, and watched some TV. I also called my Mommasita and wished her a Happy Mother's Day. Next year I hope to celebrate with her in person!
My Mother's Day Breakfast

At about noon, I went to the ATM and started walking around Eastern Market. Josh happened to get back right then as well and he thought we needed a bit of a snack. There are tons of food options on the weekend at EM from crepes to pizza. We decided on.....MORE INDIAN. It smelled so good we couldn't turn it down despite the long line, and it was well worth it!
Josh's Lamb Curry in Bread

My Lamb Curry over Basmati Rice

Alycyn met us in EM, and then she and I went to pick up Emily to go get pedicures. After getting pampered we finally got a tour of Phil and Emily's new place in Glover Park. So precious! I loved every bit of it, and I can't wait to see the progression of it as they continue to move in and decorate. Check out her blog about fixing up their house here: House Poor/Rich Life

Before we had some wine on their front porch, we purchased some lemonade from the little girl next door. I used to have lemonade stands in like every weekend I was with my Momma (lemonade stands on a ranch probably wouldn't get to many customers.) Because I had so many loyal customers when I was younger, I always stop by stands when I see them now. This little girl was donating all of her earnings to the Zoo. Also the lemonade was only 25 cents...back in my day, I charge a buck and kept the money. To each his her own. 
What a cutie! Loved her. 
Emily and Phil...the happy home owners

Their cute place...and cute Alycyn waving!

After drinks (Josh had joined us later), he and I made our way back to his place. He grilled some steaks for dinner, and I whipped up a cake for Kate's birthday.

By the time we watched Game of Thrones I was exhausted so I hit the hay, and that was the end of another great weekend in DC. 


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