Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Major Workout Weekend

So this is like two weeks late (sue me...ok not really) but I must POST it because it ties into my Muster blog which is tomorrow.

The weekend after Easter (aka two weeks ago) started with me running some errands in Dupont. Josh had a softball game and when he was finished we had some dinner and just relaxed.

The next morning I went to Crossfit. The WOD was 15 box jumps, 12 thrusters, and 9 knees to bar for 18 minutes. You tried to see how many rounds you could complete and I almost made it to 6! While I was driving home (I had borrow Josh's jeep), I decided that I would go ahead and go to Bikram Yoga too. I definitely will probably not do both CF and BY so close together again because I was dying! I swear the room was hotter than the last time and my face was as red as Mr. Koolaid but I still enjoyed it.

On my way back to the Hill, Josh called me and told me to come over to our friend Deon's. Josh and his softball team had been out cleaning up the riverside all morning and were now relaxing with some beers and grilling some burgers. I WAS STARVING. I rushed on over and chowed down. I visited with everyone for awhile but then I had to get to my house to get ready for my Muster meeting.

At about 5pm the Muster committee arrived at my house for our final meeting. Muster was a week away so we had a lot to discuss.
Hard at work!

At 7pm we all made our way down to Carmine's to meet our 2012 Muster Speaker, Mr. Harold Adams. Mr. Adams is a Texas A&M Distinguished Alumni and was in charge of building major DC landmarks such as the Capitol Visitor's Center and President Kennedy's tomb. I loved him and enjoyed listening to all of his stories. 

Mr. Adams and Me! Gig 'Em!!

The next morning Josh and I went to church. It was the longest mass ever because a lot of babies were being baptized. They were so cute, but man was I hungry when it was over. We went over to the new sandwich place on 8th, Spring Mill Bread Company, and I had the same sandwich I had the last time. 
Tomato, Pesto, and Mozzarella....so good!

Later Josh and I ran some errands and then went to his house. We decided to walk to Shirlington Village because it was such a nice day. Like I have mentioned before, SV has tons of shops, restaurants, a movie theatre and a grocery store. We wandered through some of the shops, checked out the new cheese place, and then went grocery shopping. We then made the mile trek back to his place.
I have dinner!
The rest of the evening was spent making dinner, drinking wine, and catching up on all of our shows!
The perfect Sunday evening.

Muster Recap Tomorrow

Happy May 1st!
Rabbit Rabbit

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