Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fabulous Weekend Weather

Last weekend started with Josh treating me to a fabulous dinner at Cava. Cava is a Greek tapas restaurant on 8th Street SE, and it is possibly one of my favorite places in DC. (I know I claim that a lot of places are my favorites...but this one is superb.) Cava is delicious, affordable, and low key...all things I like. We split one appetizer, two entree tapas, and a bottle of wine and I was stuffed...but in a good way.
Saganaki-A yummy cheese that is doused in brandy and then lit on fire. AMAZING. This was the first time we had it.
Scallops Risotto- the scallops were cooked perfectly and the risotto was creamy and flavorful.
Spicy Lamb Sliders-my favorite dish at Cava.  Grilled lamb with spicy tomato sauce and tzaziki!

After dinner Josh and I walked around 8th Street and spotted The Capitol Hillbillies. They are a Blue Grass band that sets up shop randomly around Capitol Hill. I have seen them at Eastern Market on the weekend several times, and it was a great night for some music!

On the way back to house Josh and I stopped at The Sweet Lobby. They were the winners on an episode of Cupcake Wars, and I have been dying to try them. I thought the cupcakes were good, but the macaroons were PHENOMENAL! I would go so far as to say better than Laduree from Paris! EEEEEE! I am craving the macaroons as we speak!

The next morning we went to CrossFit. It was a tough WOD, but as always I was so glad that I went!

50 Air Squats
40 Sit Ups
30 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
20 Ring Dips
10 Hand Stand Push Ups
40 Air Squats
30 Sit Ups
20 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Ring Dips
30 Air Squats
20 Sit Ups
10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
20 Air Squats
10 Sit Ups
10 Air Squats

After CF, Josh made us breakfast and then we went and looked at CrossFit shoes. We have both been wanting a pair for a while and wanted to do some more research before we made a purchase.

After a quick snack and a shower, Josh and I both went over to our friend Deon's house for a cookout. The weather was gorgeous so it was the perfect excuse to hangout with friends, grill some delicious food, and have a few drinks!
Sweet Friends!
Phil's New Do!

The next day I went to a birthday brunch in honor of my friend Kathryn. It was at a place I had never been to called Pearl Dive Oyster Palace, and it was divine!
We started with the donuts!
And some delicious cocktails
The Birthday girl in sunny yellow!
I had the Steak and Eggs. The eggs were buttery and fluffy and my steak was cooked perfectly and was so flavorful.

After brunch, Beth and I did some antique shopping and then she dropped me off in Georgetown. I perused the shops and then Josh picked me up and we went to his place. I was EXHAUSTED for some reason and took like a 2 hour nap. When I woke up from my blissful slumber my handsome man had already started dinner...SHISH KABOBSSS!!!!

I spent the rest of the evening drinking wine and watching TV! The End!

Happy Memorial Day Everyone! 
I am so thankful to those who have served and continue to serve our great country. Thank you for your selflessness and loyalty. You are all heroes!

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