Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dinner with Mr. Roon

So in my Cupcakes and Good People post I mentioned that Josh was fitted for some custom suits by a Thai tailor, Mr. Roon. Well on Wednesday of last week, Mr. Roon called Josh and invited us both to dinner as a thank you for his many purchases. I toyed with the idea of going all day because I had book club, but at the last minute I decided that an authentic Thai meal was just too good to pass up.

Josh's coworker Matt, who suggest Mr. Roon to us, was also invited to the dinner and rode with us to the restaurant. On our way Matt gave us a run down on what a typical "Roon Dinner" was like...which in a nut shell was get ready to eat and drink a lot.

Mr. Roon asked us to meet him at Bangkok Garden in Bethesda. Mr. Roon and one other man was there and later another would join us making to total number of diners 6. Mr. Roon was friends with the man that owned the restaurant and before I knew it Josh was drinking Johnny Walker Black and I had an iced cold Singha. I love Thai beers and Thai food, and when I told Mr. Roon this he immediately told the waitress to always keep my glass filled...and boy did she. The owner of the restaurant also immediately started sending out appetizers: dumplings, chicken satays, fish patties, and more.

I was pretty much stuffed after the appetizers alone but it didn't stop there. Next entrees were brought out...not 1, not 2, but 10: pad thai, drunken noodles, massaman, and all sorts of stir frys. I COULD NOT stop eating. By the time it came to dessert I was so full I thought my stomach was going to burst...but it was so good. We also had fun talking about Thailand and Mr. Roon invited Josh and I both to be his personal guests at one of his hotels and restaurants. Hells Yeah! 

All in all it was the BEST Thai dinner I have ever had, and the company was incredible too!
Me and Mr. Roon

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