Thursday, May 31, 2012

ACLI Challenge

 About 2 weeks ago a group of people from my office participated in the ACLI Challenge which is a 3 mile run here in DC. The race puts party lines aside and brings out Congressman, Senators, agencies, and members of the military and all proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

The run also always has a "Celebrity Runner". This year it was Olympic Marathon Competitor Meb Keflezighi. I was super excited to meet him because I watched the Olympic trials for the marathon this year. Meb came in first place and will be competing in the London games. He was also the first US finisher in this year's New York City Marathon. So as one can see we were practically already best friends. I watched him on TV and come November we will both have ran the NYC marathon...this totally equals BFF territory. After stalking him down I finally got to meet him. I told him that I cheered for him during the trials, he smiled at me, and we bonded. It was magical!
Me and Meb! He loved me!

There were lots of fans out and about for the race...including my dream dog! 
A CORGI!!!!!

I am a long distance runner and not a sprinter. So to get ready for the race I amped up my interval training and picked up the speed. On race day I was feeling confident and ready. I was a little nervous though because I had been talking big smack to Joshua about beating him (he ran on my team too). 

I started off too fast..about a 6 minute mile. So for the second mile I slowed things down. It was very humid that morning so breathing was difficult. I did not let myself listen to music for the first half of the race. It is a new strategy I am going to incorporate in my running where I use music as an incentive when I really need it. Well at mile 2 I NEEDED it. So I put on the tunes. I finished mile 2 at about an 8 minute pace. My goal was to finish the race right at 23 minutes so I knew I needed to kick it in at high gear. I pushed myself and finished at 23:30. I was tired but I think I should have pushed myself more. I know I could have been faster. It was definitely a learning experience.

Although I did hit my 23 minute goal (sorta), I did not beat Josh. He came in right before me, but its ok. There is always next year.

My team came in 3rd place out of 14 teams. I was very proud..last year we placed 6th.
This race was a great learning experience, and I will use all of the things I learned when I start training for New York. 
On a side note, Josh and I are participating in a fundraiser for St. Jude next Saturday. It is called Crossfit for Hope and we will do a WOD on the National Mall. All of the proceeds go to St. Jude's Children's Hospital, and I would appreciate any support possible. We were only required to raise $30 dollars to participate, but we knew we wanted to do more than that. Cancer is devastating at any age, but I cannot even imagine what it must be like when you are a child or to have child who is suffering.

Here is the link to my page where you can donate and I have also embedded a link on the bottom of my blog!
Thanks everyone!

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