Monday, April 2, 2012

A Tejas Wedding

Over St. Patrick's Day weekend, I flew home to Texas for one of my childhood friend's wedding. The weekend started off on Friday with me stuck at Reagan National Airport because my flight to Houston was delayed. I was getting pretty antsy in my pantsy because I already had a tight connection but the United staff kept assuring me that I would make it to Houston with plenty of time to get to my flight for Corpus. Luckily I had some reinforcements take my mind off things.
Candy and a Fitness Magazine...they offset one another :)

My plane finally took off about 90 minutes later than scheduled, and I was one hot cookie. The pilot announced that we would be landing in H-town at about 9:30...5 minutes after my connecting flight was suppose to take off. I was livid. I had tried to find out repeatedly from the ground crew and flight crew if we would make it in time for my connecting flight. If were not going to I had planned to stay in DC overnight and just take the first flight out the next morning. I expressed my concern/anger to the stewardess and she assured me she would do everything in her power to make sure I made my next flight. I thanked her and explained that I did not want to be stuck in Houston overnight with no where to stay...and I was ready to see my Daddy. 

At about 8:50pm the pilot announce that we were 25 minutes from landing. Right after his announcement the stewardess went over the PA system as well. She asked everyone in the cabin to ring their "assistance needed" button if they had a connecting flight. About 15 of my fellow passengers as well as myself pushed our button and lit up our assistance lights. She then asked everyone to look around and explained that the people whose lights were illuminated had flights that were taking off right when we landed or really close to it, and to please let us off the plane first. I was so thankful for her announcement, and the second the cabin door was open I sprinted out the door. We landed in terminal D and I had to be in terminal B. I sprinted to the train, hopped on, rode to B, hopped off, and then started sprinting again. As I was running I begged an airport crew member to drive me the rest of the way in her cart. She hauled it to my gate (I was panting like a wild animal), and I made it to the gate RIGHT when they were closing the door. "STOOOOOOP" I yelled, and they did. I was practically crying when I boarded the plane. I had made it!!!

Now I was praying that my bag did too.

I arrived in Corpus a little after 10pm and my Daddy was there waiting for me. We hugged, kissed, and hugged some more and then we went to wait for my bag...hoping it had made it. Sure enough...IT DID!!! I was one lucky lady. My dad and I got into his new suburban and started the 90 minute drive home to our ranch. On the way I pointed out all sorts extra things his new car had that he didn't even two TV screens with a DVD player...oh Daddy. We made it home at about midnight, Linda showed me how much the puppies had grown, and then I was off to bed.

The next morning I painted my nails and things like that, and then at about noon we all jumped in the new ride and started the journey to San Antonio, where the wedding was taking place. Linda and I tried to watch a movie on the way up, but my dad was too distracting...he wanted to know what was going on the whole time. When we got to the hotel we ordered some wine to drink while we were getting ready.
I love room service!

Once we were all spiffied up we drove over to the church where the ceremony was taking place. The Groom was my friend William. We have been friends for as long as I can remember, and his family owns the ranch across the highway from my dad's. He went to TCU, and he was marrying a girl that went to Texas A&M with me...WHOOP! The service was stunning, the preacher was funny and moving, and the couple looked beautiful and so in love.
The Ceremony started with some Bagpipe Players

After the service we went over to the reception...where the real fun began! It was held at The Argyle in Alamo Heights and was probably the largest wedding I have ever been to.
Me, Daddy, and Linda
The Beautiful Wedding was tasty too!
Table Tops
Groom's Cake...William, the Groom, played football for TCU
Linda and Daddy
Daddy and me
Friends since, William (Groom), and Adam (my other friend since birth)
The Gorgeous Couple
Luella and me
Christina (another friend since birth), me and Adam
The couple left the party on a hunting rig adorned with thousands of flowers...AMAZING!

Adam and I hung out the whole night. The band was incredible and we danced our booties off. He and I plus my parents were the last people to leave! It was a spectacular wedding and event!

The next morning my Dad and I went to church, and then he, Linda, and I met up with Adam for lunch at my favorite restaurant in San Antonio, Paloma Blanca.
I want this soooo bad right now.

I was soooooo full after lunch and sad to say goodbye to Adam. We had so much fun catching up and reliving our childhood in Falfurrias. 

Adam used to wear his Superman cape to school everyday!
After lunch we ran a few errands for my Dad, and then they dropped me off at the airport. Luckily it was not good-bye (which usually has me in a million tears) but just see you soon since I am to be back in Texas for Easter...and another wedding!

I love weddings and I love Texas!



  1. Oh my gosh! What a fun weekend! And as a TCU alum, I'm obsessed with the grooms cake. I've seen so many TCU grooms cakes and I love all of them! haha Glad you had a fun weekend and made your connecting flight!