Friday, April 27, 2012

Easter Recap Part 4: Saying Goodbye :(

Monday was our last day in Texas. My mom had to work in the morning so Josh and I had coffee together and then took Jackie for a long walk. My Daddy called me while we were walking and told me he was going to come down to have lunch with us before we left. I was so glad because at the wedding he had to rush off for the ranch call so we did not get to have a proper goodbye!

After our walk, Josh and I got ready and packed up all of our stuff. We then drove my jeep over to get the inspection sticker hadn't been renewed in 18 months...ooopssieeee.

My Daddy met us at the car place. We picked up my Momma and went back over to House Wine for a great lunch of fresh salads with seafood. After lunch we took some family pictures in my Momma's yard.
I love my Daddy!
My Incredible Parents
The two wonderful men in my life!

We said goodbye to my Daddy and this time it was much better. I did not feel rushed and I am so thankful he came back down for the day so we could spend more time together. I love him so much and cannot wait till we see each other again.

Josh, my Momma and I visited for a bit longer and then it was time to go to the airport. Normally when I got the airport I get emotional because I do not like to say goodbye but this time I knew I would see my Momma again soon. Saying see you soon is so much better than goodbye! I love you Momma!

Josh and I made it safely to Houston, and while we were waiting for our connection to DC we ran into Vernie. Vernie is from South Texas as well but works in DC. He let Josh and I use his guest passes to the United Club Lounge. We got to enjoy some cocktails and trail mix while we visited with him!

We got home late that night, but the whole trip was so worth it. I got to see old friends, eat great food, and most importantly spend time with my wonderful family. I am truly blessed to have such amazing parents. 

Now for a quick side story I forgot. When Josh and I first arrived in McAllen we took my bridesmaids dress to a seamstress to be altered. It was the first time I had seen the dress and it was a bit big. On the day of the wedding my Momma called her to see if it was ready. SHE HADN'T EVEN STARTED.  She thought the wedding was the next week. Luckily she got to it and my dress was ready in time. To top it all off the alterations only cost 10 bucks! Haha for a gown! Another great example of Texas prices. All of this was going on while we were trying to get Josh's clothes that were being held captive. Haha! Well it all worked out in the end!

Happy Friday!

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