Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Easter Recap Part 3: Easter Sunday and The Best Birthday Party EVER!!!

Warning: Long post....but SO WORTH IT!

We woke up Sunday morning and had usual. Josh was a good always...and encouraged my Momma and I to go to Easter Mass. I had wanted to count the wedding as church for that week. 

Mass was PACKED! Josh had to stand and my Momma and I had to sit on benches, but it ended up being a blessing because we got to sit by one of my old teachers. He is the same one that was at the marathon in December. I loved catching up with im and his wife and playing peekaboo with their sweet baby. Also I was thankful that Josh encouraged us to go to church. It truly was a beautiful morning!

That night my Momma was hosting a Fish Fry, and Josh was the main cook. While we were setting things up we decided to go over to our neighbor's house. They were hosting a party for their baby boy. It might have been the best party I have EVER BEEN TO! 

They had a cotton candy machine...

...balloon arches...

slides, rides, and moon-bounces!

They had a popcorn maker, hot dog stand, and a Deejay! 

I kept going back and forth between my house and their's and every time there was something new added to the party...from stilt walkers to a face painter to gourmet Mexican food!
We were bouncing so much I couldn't stop laughing!
Still laughing and bouncing
More rides
Crazy balloon ball thing that kids could get inside of and then walk on water

Of course we all had to try the giant slide!


The whole party was Toy Story Themed, and the Guest of Honor was dressed as Woody! His dad is the guy from the campaign posters (running for State Rep) I mentioned in my Part 1 post. 
Such a cutie! He even has a gun holster haha!

Back over at my Momma's house, we also were getting things set up for our fish fry. At my Momma's house even a simple barbecue is a spectacular event...and this was no different! She set out the canopy as well as lots of lanterns. It was so mystical and gorgeous. She also used all of her best china and we had 2 different cupcakes for people to have for dessert. They were the two winners of our multiple taste tests.
Mickey Mouse and Kim Kardashian...MM is my FAVORITE!!!
Jackie loved all of the excitement.

My mom also let the party next door have their Easter Egg hung in our yard (which is HUGE.) I loved watching all of kids race and dash about to get the most eggs.
The little girl in the yellow was my favorite. 
Before the hunt!
After the hunt I went back over to the party and the most amazing Face Painter was there. She was my favorite part of the day!

The Final Creations

Our party was starting at about 7pm. Josh was the Chef De Jour and did not disappoint. He made the best french fries (normal and sweet potatoes), fried okra, fried shrimp and fish ever.
I love okra
My handsome chef!
The table! My mom put all of the food in large shells!
Getting the party started
My fabulous neighbors, Scott and Denise. Scott is the one who paced me during my marathon!
Handsome man and crazy Unicorn girl!
The whole party crew during dessert time!

We had a blast at our fish fry. Josh's food was delectable, my Mommasita made all of the right finishing touches (as always), and the company was superb. It was by far one of the best Easter Sundays ever.

To be continued...

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