Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Easter Recap Part 2: Nancy's Wedding

Saturday morning started off how it always does when at Cozy Cottage...we had a long coffee hour. Then at about 11am Josh and I went over to the Dry Cleaners to pick up his suit which we had left to be pressed. We had dropped it off on Thursday and asked them multiple times whether or not they would be open on Saturday (the day before Easter). They assured us they would be, and of course, they were not. All of Josh's clothes were inside that tiny building, and the wedding was just a few hours away. Josh and my Momma both got on their phones to try to track someone down to open the store. His clothes were being held hostage!!! Josh called the other locations and they were all open. They let us know that the location we were at was suppose to open too. They started calling people as well. With my Momma, Josh, and the other location calling the appropriate people we were able to find someone that could open the store and get Josh's clothes. Thank goodness!

After all of that chaos, I started getting ready for the wedding. I was suppose to be at the hotel my friend Nancy was staying at right at 1:30pm. Once I arrived my BFFs and I started taking some pictures.
Nancy's gorgeous dress
My BFF Vanessa
Nancy, the Stunning Bride

After taking a few pictures at the hotel, we all loaded up in a Stretch Hummer  that Nancy booked to take us to the wedding. I happened to pick the one spot without an airconditioning vent, and before I knew it my dress was two toned because I was sweating so much (it was like 90 degrees.) Once I moved though, I felt so much better (although I had a major case of the giggles...I always laugh so much with my friends). I used our time in the limo to capture lots of Kodak moments!
Me and DeeDee...this was when I was still in the hot spot!
DeeDee and Vanessa
Bridesmaids, The Gorgeous Bride, and Nancy's sweet Mom!
Still in the Hot Spot
So much cooler!

We arrived at the ceremony right on time, and things got started. It was gorgeous, and you could truly see the love that Nancy and Jesse had for one another. I was very thankful to be a part of such a joyious occasion.

After the ceremony, there was a break until the reception...so we took even more pictures!

We had about an 2 hours before the party so Josh, my Momma and I all went to House Wine for a quick snack and a drink...my Daddy had to go on a ranch call :( 

 At about 6pm we went back to the wedding site for cocktail hour and some mingling.

Great Mariachi Band that played for about 2 hours. I was a Mariachi singer all through high school and junior high, and that is how Nancy and I first met....through singing lessons.

Dinner was served at about 7pm, and then my Momma and I used that time to check out the cakes...our favorite part of any and EVERY wedding!!
Bride's Cake
Spurs Groom's Cake

My Momma left at about 9pm, and then Josh and I spent the rest of the night dancing, drinking, visiting, and taking pictures in the photo booth!
Sooooo gangster!

Josh and I ended up leaving at about 11pm because we were exhausted, but the party kept on going. I loved catching up with people from my hometown. It was a great place to grow up, and I am thankful to still be such good friends with everyone from my childhood. The wedding was gorgeous and fun, and I loved dancing to my favorite band: Jerry and the Ruf-Nex! In high school going to Jerry Dances were my favorite thing in the world. 

Congratulations Nancy and Jesse! 
I know your marriage will be filled with love, success, and great happiness.

To be continued...

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