Monday, April 23, 2012

Easter Recap Part 1: The Valley, The Ranch, Rehearsal

So I know this is like 2 weeks late, but I took so many pictures it took me a while to get everything organized.

The Wednesday before Easter Josh and I traveled down to Texas for my high school friend Nancy's wedding. We decided to also take a few extra days off to visit my parents. We departed on one of the last flights out of DC, watched J. Edgar on the plane (I loved it), had a long delay in H-town, ate at Pappadeux's, both felt sick because we were no longer used to restaurant food because of my lenten promise, and  I got grumpy. Finally after after about two hours in the terminal, we boarded our plane, and made it to McAllen at about midnight.

The next morning we had coffee with my Momma and ran a few errands.
At Costco...a friend for Gungie?

 For lunch we ventured over to Edinburg to go to the best taqueria ever.

Josh and I had accidentally found this place on one of his first visits to South Texas, and now we crave it all the time. For about 6 bucks you can get 5 tacos, a bowl of beans, and one Mexican coke. I miss Texas prices desperately.
My BFF, Mommasita, and me waiting for our tacos

Josh and my mom both ordered steak with corn tortillas and I had the flour. They were just as good as we remembered!
I am craving these badly right now!

I ate every single bite of my tacos and was sad when they were gone.

On the drive to Edinburg, we kept seeing campaign signs for our neighbor that is running for State Rep. There also happened to be one right in front of the we had a Kodak moment! (Do people even say that anymore?)
Go Terry!

From the Taco stand my mom treated Josh and me to a cupcake. Little did we know that we would be having one just about everyday the rest of our stay.

Later in the afternoon, Josh and I packed an overnight bag and drove up to Falfurrias to see my Daddy and Linda. We sat outside most of the evening (which is my favorite place to be on the ranch), had a few drinks, some delicious homemade ceviche, and great conversation. 
Donkey and Turkey
The puppies have grown!

Linda didn't hold back on dinner either which was a menu of giant steaks, spinach salad with bacon, baked potatoes, and chocolate covered strawberry pudding for dessert. Josh and I were so full and sleepy after the meal that we could hardly keep our eyes open past eleven.

The next morning, Josh and I had coffee with Linda and my Daddy, and then drove back to the Valley. We went to the grocery store with my Mom to get all of the supplies we needed for the fish fry we had planned for Easter Sunday, and then went and had lunch at our other favorite Mexican restaurant, Rositas. My mom and I shared a botana platter, and Josh had the Mexican plate...we both cleaned our plates yet again!

And even though we were absolutely stuffed, we decided to enjoy the nice weather with some more cupcakes and champagne. 
The cupcake on the right is called the Kim Kardashian and the other is the Nikki Minaj!
Jackie loves Josh! Yo girl...get off my man ;)
Just needing a cool sip
Mom and daughter

After C&C I went and got ready for the rehearsal. I decided to go to the actual rehearsal part by myself, and then I picked up Josh later for the dinner. At the rehearsal, I had so much fun catching up with old friends, and when I got back to my mom's we took a few pics in my neighbor's gorgeous yard.

The dinner was held at an Italian restaurant in McAllen. Josh and I loaded up on carbs (as if we hadn't eaten enough already on the trip) and caught up with my dear friend DeeDee.
DeeDee and Me
After the dinner, Josh and I stopped by the liquor store and bought a nice bottle of wine. We spent the rest of the night drinking wine and chatting with my Momma and Jackie.
I love this picture because my mom looks like she is choking Jackie..haha!
To be continued...

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