Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Disney World Recap: RACE DAY

 At 2:45am...yes...you read that correctly...2:45am Alycyn and my alarms went off on our phone...it was time to get up for the race. We had been warned at the expo that the lines for the buses get backed up so we knew we wanted to be at our bus stop by no later than 3:30am. The buses were going to stop running at 4am. We got dressed, put on our tutus and crowns, and then took a few before the race shots. I also put on about 5 tons of blush to make myself look a lot more awake than I felt. I never wear makeup for races...but since this one was Princess themed, and I planned to take 1,000 pictures I thought it was appropriate. 

We got to the bus stop promptly at 3am, and only had to wait for the bus long enough to get our picture take....we may or may not look like we should be on Toddlers and Tiaras...I also might have on about as much blush as one of those tiny tots!
Do you see the flower tattoos on our cheeks? We met the nicest lady at the expo whose daughter has Rett Syndrome. RS is a neurological disorder that primarily affects girls, and the flower is the symbol of the organization she founded with the goal of finding a cure. Check out her website here: GIRL POWER!

We were so thankful we got on the bus when we did! Not only was it pretty chilly outside, but we passed several other bus stops where the line for the bus was several hundred yards long...no thank you...I enjoyed sitting in the warm bus...that ended quickly though when we were dropped off...back to the chilly air. 

When you get to the race you have to walk for what seemed like 2 miles to get to the actual starting line. This worked out well though because it kept us warm and I got to check out some of the other costumes. Some people went all out, and I loved seeing all the men that participated as well!

It took us a good hour and half to walk to the start line, but it was so worth it when we saw her....

Fairy Godmother started the race, and at 5:45am Alycyn and I and about 20,000 other runners were off and running! For about the first two miles we didn't see any characters but we did pass by a few bands and some people walking on stilts. I started getting a bit worried that maybe I had the information wrong and there were not characters along the race path...and then I saw it....a GIANT ship! Sure enough it Jack Sparrow! Alycyn and I sprinted to the picture line! 
Ahoy Matey!

We ran about another 800 yards and then saw another line forming...so we ran over to that as well. I snuck a peak to see who it was and told Alycyn it was time we did a quick touch up on our lipstick...

The line for this one was so long....

...the line was so long and we had to touch up our makeup because...we were waiting to meet a group of PRINCES!!!!
Tarzan loved me and Eric loved Alycyn!

Alycyn and I had made a pact to take pictures with every character we came in contact with...and we kept that goal. I chose a few of my favorite pics for the blog!
The Villans
To make up for lost time for all of our picture taking, Alycyn and I would practically sprint in between characters...we ran about an 8 MINUTE MILE PACE! That is pretty quick when wearing a tutu and crown!
Magic Kingdom
Buzz Lightyear
Minnie Mouse
Orlando Accordion Band 
Mrs. Incredible
Mrs. United States...this is at mile 12 and she still looked AMAZING! Alycyn and I had started sprinting a bit more at this point...so we=sweaty...she=glowing.
Fairy Godmother

We had a blast meeting all of the characters and there are about 80 more pictures on my facebook. As Alycyn and I crossed mile 13 we started holding hands to get ready to finish the last .1 miles and cross the finish line together...but then we saw them...5 yards from the finish line...Donald and Daisy Duck! We knew we had to stop and take a picture...it was pretty hysterical watching everyone else crossing the finish line as we struck a pose! 
please look at the time clock behind us....

After our pictures, we rejoined hands and crossed the finish line TOGETHER with a time of....3:52:45...haha...that is only 13 minutes faster than my full marathon time and about 2 hours slower than my normal half marathon time, but this was seriously the best race I have EVER ran! We did not worry about time at all. Our only thought was to have fun, and that we did. We stopped and took a picture every chance we could and then ran in between. We never walked, but all of that stopping for pictures added on the time. At the beginning of the race I was regretting wearing my long sleeved jacket because I got hot when we ran for longer periods of time. However, whenever we stopped I was sooooo thankful to have it. If you plan on running this race like we did (taking pictures with everyone) and it is below 60 degrees, I highly suggest keeping your warmer clothes on.

Everything about this race was top notch. All of the volunteers were friendly and personable. They would take pictures for you at every stop and were super encouraging. The route did not get boring...EVER...although it can get crowded at times. Of course, this can be expected when there are over 20,000 runners in a race. There were water/gatorade at every mile, and there were also medical personal at every three miles handing out tylenol, anti-chafing cream, and ice. Finally, at the end of the race there was plenty of water Powerade, luna bars, fruit snacks, and more. We also got this awesome food box below!

Alycyn and I both agreed that we had one of the best mornings ever, and we definitely want to run the race again. I am so thankful to have such a fun and amazing friend, and I am so excited for more adventures together!

Happy Tuesday Sweet Friends!


  1. I'm officially dying to do this now. I hate running and Disney character photo opps are a great motivtor hahaha


  2. How fun! You two are AMAZING! :) Love from Aussieland, Kim