Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Disney World Recap: Last Few Hours

After the race, Alycyn and I had to hightail it to our hotel room to change, get our stuff and check out. We had originally wanted to stay until Monday, but I had a work event the next day that made us have to leave on Sunday. Our flight was not until we had a lot of time to kill.

After cleaning up and checking out, we hopped on the boat at our hotel that took us to Downtown Disney and it was fun to sightsee from the "high seas". We were starving by the time we got to DD we were STARVING! I mean ravenous...but what do you expect? We had been awake for over 10 hours and had not eaten...we decided to tryout the Crab house restaurant. After a short wait, we got seated and both ordered some beers and lobster rolls. They were so good and we took our time eating and just hanging out. After lunch we did a bit more Disney shopping and then grabbed a Sundae at the Ghirardelli store! The sugar was definitely need because we were both starting to crash.

We rode the bus back to our resort to pick up our luggage and then board the Disney Magical Express for the airport. At the airport we sat at a bar (because we had nothing else to do) and had a glass of pretty nasty wine. I was never so happy to board a plane as I was that night. We were on our plane, in our seats, and both passed out asleep by 9pm. We slept the whole flight, and Josh picked us up promptly at 11pm.

Once home I pretty much immediately hit the sheets, and I felt like this when I woke up the next day:
Source: TIRED

Haha I was pretty slow moving the next day, but it didn't even matter...because I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!! 

Happy Hump Day Ladies and Gents!

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