Friday, March 2, 2012

Disney World Recap Day 2: Visiting the Park

 Day 2 at Disney started bright and early...which you will see ends up being the theme of the trip. Alycyn and I had only bought a one day "Park Hopper" we knew we had a lot of ground to cover. We had already accepted that we wouldn't get to see everything this trip, but we still wanted to try to get in as much as possible.

After a few quick showers, a sprinkle of blush, and a dash of lipstick we were on the bus at 7:45am and on our way to our first park of the day: The Magic Kingdom. We were giddy with excitement, and the first thing we did once we entered the gate was meet the two most famous people in all of Disney...
Mickey and Minnie

The little boy in the front of the line to meet Mickey and Minnie was scared to death of Mickey and ran away from him in tears. So Alycyn and I were the first people to meet the fabulous duo that morning!

Next we decided we were ready to ride some rides. We knew that lines would get long quickly in this park so we quickly strolled over toTomorrowland to ride Space Mountain first. However, we had to stop and admire Cinderella's Castle!
So Magical!
We did not have to wait at all for Space Mountain, and it was just as fast and fantastic as I remembered it to be!

Next we rode the Buzz Lightyear Laser Ride...we both thought it was pretty we took pictures of one another instead, which is always WAY more fun :)
This sums up the experience exactly.
Alycyn: "I don't get it...why isn't my gun working?"
Olivia: "I will get you Alycyn! I am going to WIN!"

After that we made our way into Fantasyland and guess who was the first person we saw?

My favorite...ALICE IN WONDERLAND! She has always been my favorite Disney character and i was happier than a cat with a bowl full of cream.
"I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date..."

Alycyn also got to see her favorite Disney princess...
A little foreshadowing...Eric LOVES Alycyn!

We grabbed some coffee, walked around the park some more, rode the Snow White ride and then saw the sword...from The Sword and The second favorite Disney Movie.
Alycyn tried to pull the sword out of the rock with no success... 
...and I got it!!! To give Alycyn credit I am 100% positive it is on a timer.

After riding almost every ride in the Magical Kingdom and getting a few more pictures with characters we were STARVING. So we hopped on the Monorail and went over to Epcot for lunch. Several people had told us we had to go to Morocco for we did! We dined on a yummy salad, a beef fried egg roll type of thing, chicken kebabs, and baklava. We also had a carafe of incredible sangria and a talented belly dancer put on a show!
Enjoying our lunch.

Epcot was probably my favorite park we visited. I loved how all of the employees at each country was from the actual country that the park was representing. So all of the waiters and belly dancers in "Morocco" were from Morocco.

We ran into Princess Jasmine and Aladdin when we left lunch...Alycyn and I were both intimidated by Jasmine because she was GORGEOUS...she looked a lot like Kim Kardashian but even more beautiful. Plus she is a princess. 
"A whole new worrrllllldddd...."

After a boat tour from Germany to Mexico and back to German and then back to Mexico (we rode it twice) we jumped on a bus and rode over to our last park of the day: Hollywood Studios. 

We immediately went and grabbed a fast pass for the "Hollywood Tower of Terror" ride, and then got in line for the Aerosmith Rock-n-Roller Coaster. The Rock-n-Roller Coaster was sensational...however for a split second both Alycyn and I thought we might vom...sorry to give you the gorey details but I like to be hones. I think this was mainly because we were both still so full from Morocco and because the roller coaster takes off SO FAST! Once the vom sensation past though (which was only a few seconds) I was able to really enjoy the ride...which is a twist, turny ride that blasts Aerosmith music the whole time...highly suggested.

Next we went and got in line for the Tower of Terror, but since we had a Fast Pass we were able to skip the line and go right to the front. The fast pass is definitely a time saver at Disney.

The Tower of Terror was both Alycyn and my favorite ride of the day. Not only because it tells a story as you ride but also because the drop is breathtaking. My stomach went up to my chin!!! We decided to ride it again because we were in the last row the first time around.

While we waited for our next time slot for the tower we went a watched a "Beauty and the Beast" Broadway show. It was a condensed version so things happened very quickly...which made for a HYSTERICAL story line. In about the same 30 second time frame the Beast was yelling at Bell and then telling her he was madly in love with her. Needless to say, Alycyn and I giggled non stop!

We made it back to the tower and successfully got in the front row for our second trip on the ride. It was just as much fun as the first time!

We were exhausted by the time the ride was finished and decided it was time to call it quits for the day.
So we made our way to the bus stop to head to our resort. Originally we had planned to go back to Epcot for dinner but we both couldn't stop thinking about our beds!

Once at the resort, we grabbed some pasta and went straight to our room. It was already about 9pm and we had to wake up read that right...2:45am. Lights were out by 10pm and we fell asleep with dreams about the race the next morning...

Race Recap next!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!!


  1. How lucky for you to have met ALL those characters! I went to DisneyLand almost three years ago and I don't think we even saw a character! I'm dying to go back (or to Disney World) so I can try and meet characters!


    1. Hi Frannie!!!!
      You should run a Disney Race! They all come out for it. Get ready for my post today...I met soooo many at the race!

  2. I love the mickey mouse ears! So cute. Poor little boy who was nervous about mickey - I actually was SUPER nervous the first and only time I met Mickey mouse - he was my idol! I even asked my older sister (she was 9 at the time) if I could borrow her deoderant the night before meeting him. I wanted to look and smell my best! I'm SURE Mickey noticed.