Friday, March 30, 2012

Baby Showers Bring Spring Flowers

Several weeks ago my book club threw a "Book/Pancake Baby Shower" for our friend and fellow book club member, Alison. She and her husband were expecting their first baby in March, and the little bundle of joy would also be our first Book Club Baby. My dear friend Beth was sweet and hosted the party which had a Maple Fest theme since Alison would not be able to go on the annual trip this year because she could possibly be in labor. We had pancakes, mimosas, and dessert meat (aka bacon), and everyone gave Alison a children's book as a gift. Alison and her husband Josh had decided not to find out the sex of the picking the perfect book was an even more of an exciting challenge! We also played a gross fun game where we split up into teams and tried to identify the flavors of different baby team won! Woo hoo! I had the advantage of having the mom-to-be on my team as well as a professional nanny, Bethanny, but I could hold my own too.
The pretty Mommy-To-Be...she had no idea that "book club" was a surprise shower!
Beth caught us in action
Alison and me with the book I gave her...PW's "Charlie the Ranch Dog"

A few weeks later some other sweet girls threw Alison her formal baby shower. They had great food, Georgetown Cupcakes, champagne, and fun games as well. There was also fantastic company and tons of gifts for Momma and baby!
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The Beautiful Momma!
Tons of Presents!!!

Sweet friends with Momma Alison

On March 3, 2012 Josh and Alison welcomed sweet Abigail Elizabeth into the world. She is a precious bundle of joy, and she has two of the best parents. On Wednesday, I got to meet lil Abby at book club. She and her Momma both looked fabulous, and it was so much fun oohing and ahhing over her tiny feet and cute face.  

I do not speak about faith or spirituality much on my blog, but on my walk home, I couldn't help but think about how that beautiful and truly innocent little being proved that there is a greater power in this world. She has her whole life ahead of her, and I know her parents will bring her up to be a caring, smart, and wonderful woman.

Yay for Baby Abby!!!
Alison and Baby Abby

Happy Friday!

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