Monday, February 13, 2012

Superbowl Sunday Weekend

Note: I started this blog on Friday, but then had to abruptly stop writing and never got back to it till we shall just pretend it is still Friday. Carry on!


I do not know about all of you, but I am so So SOOO ready for the weekend. Work has been crazy lately and so the weekends have been when I get in my rest and relaxation to rejuvenate me before another crazy schedule of events!

Last weekend started with a quick workout after work. Then Josh and I headed over to the grocery store to get all the fixins for homemade pizza. When we got home we got the pizzas started, and then Alycyn and I tried on our tutus that had just come in the mail. We are wearing them in the Disney Princess Half Marathon we are running in about two weeks!
Pretty Pretty Princesses

We made two kinds of pizza that night...a classic margherita...

...and a pepperoni, canadian bacon, onion and mushroom pizza!
I want this right now!

The second one was by far the best...I think it was because it was so cheesy...and I do love my cheese. We spent the rest of the evening eating and watching tv. I fell asleep at about 8::45 because I had another crazy week at work and I was exhausted.

The next morning Josh and I woke up early and went and worked out. He went on a run outside and I went to the gym because I do not like running in temperatures below 60 degrees. After getting our sweat on we had a yummy breakfast and lounged a bit. Then we went over and lounged at his place some more until our friend Luke arrived. Luke used to live in DC and was visiting for the week for work. We went out to dinner. and then grabbed some beers at an Irish Pub in Old Town with all of our friends. I tried to bribe the Irish band (that was actually a duo) to let me sing with them. They considered it for a bit, but ended up turning me I pouted. Even though they destroyed my dreams of Irish singer stardom and despite having the worst waitress on the planet, the evening was a lot of fun. We stayed out till 2am which is practically like an all nighter for me now!

The next morning Josh and I went and grabbed bagels from our favorite bagel shop, and then we got all of our goodies for our Superbowl get together. We were having a "Mexican Fiesta" themed night. Alycyn and I baked some "Knock You Naked Brownies" that were featured on the Pioneer Women's cooking show, and Josh made tacos and homemade guacamole. We also had margaritas and queso. The queso was by far my favorite part....I freakin' love cheese!
Our brownies were pretty we mixed them with ice cream and the combination was totally decadent. Recipe for the brownies can be found here: GOOEY CARAMEL GOODNESS

Alycyn and I had no trouble digging right in!

So everyone knows that I love Superbowl Sunday because of the food and the commercials. However, this year I thought the game was really good and exciting. It came down to the final minutes which I always enjoy. I also loved Madonna's Half Time show, Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton's rendition of America the Beautiful, and Kelly Clarkson singing the National Anthem. All of the musical performances this year were like 5 kajillion times better than Lea Michelle, Christina and the BEP's from 2011. I didn't think the commercials were as good, but I did LOVE this one:

Did you enjoy the Superbowl this year?

What are your favorite SB foods?

Which commercial was your favorite?

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