Thursday, February 23, 2012

President's Day Weekend Recap...and Disney Send Off!

 Last weekend got started on the right foot with Happy Hour after work. A group of us headed to Capitol Lounge for a few pints and great conversation. As is usual with Happy Hour, we ended up staying out a lot longer than an hour. By 9pm we were starving and headed over to our neighborhood pub, Mr. Henry's, for some wings, onion rings, and club sandwiches. After stuffing my face (the hot wings were INCREDIBLE) I was pretty much useless to the world and immediately went home to conk out!

The next morning I woke up with a bit of hangover...both food and drink induced. I do not drink very much anymore so 4 beers can sucker punch me now-a-days. I was suppose to go workout (and really wanted to after my huge food intake the night before) but my head just wouldn't allowed it. So instead I went and ran some errands with my HP...aka Josh! 

We ran by the bank, attempted to get a Georgetown Cupcake (the perfect hangover cure), bought me some new running shoes (you should replace your shoes every 500 miles at the most), and grabbed Subway for lunch. While eating our Subway at his place, our friends Chase and Deon came over to do their laundry since their machine is currently under the weather. I took a short siesta, and then Josh and I left the boys to their dirty socks and drawers...we were seeing them again later that night!

At my place, I got ready for the evening and Josh caught up on some AggieYell. Once I was ready, Josh, Alycyn, Beth, and I headed over to Lauriol Plaza for a delicious Mexican food dinner. Being from South Texas, I am VERY picky about my Tex-Mex and Lauriol does a pretty bang up job. If you are jonesen for some Mexican when you are in DC definitely give it a try. 
Pretty Friends
My handsome man!

After our delicious dinner and witnessing a street brawl, we made our way over to another Mexican restaurant in Columbia Heights! Our friend Chase, the one doing laundry earlier, was opening up for a band, and we went to watch him perform!
Foamy margaritas!

He did an FANTASTIC job, and I definitely want to hear him sing again!

The band after him was phenomenal too! They were a old country/blue grass band, and I loved hearing all of the country songs from my childhood.

Amazing Friends

The next day I was pretty lazy. Josh and I went to Sweet Green for lunch, and then I read/napped and did my laundry. Later in the afternoon, Alycyn, Beth, and I went over to Lanie and JBT's house for a wine and cheese tasting. The girls definitely did not skimp on the spread, and we had fun catching up, eating cheese, drinking wine, and watching SATC.

At about 7pm Josh came and picked me up, and we went over to his place. I was craving Chinese food after watching SATC and so we decided to go ahead and order some since I was about to give up restaurants for 40 days. It was soooooo good, and we watched Blue Valentine as we ate. I had heard a lot about this movie from others, mainly that it was incredibly depressing. Blue Valentine is about a young married couple and their struggle to maintain their relationship. It was definitely depressing, but I actually really liked it. The acting was superb, and although the story line was sad, it is something that happens everyday in real life.

The next day, Monday/President's Day, I wanted to be nice and active after all of my laziness the two days prior. Josh and I woke up and worked out, and then got ready for the day. After a quick lunch and grocery shopping trip, we decided to walk from his house to the movie theatre in Shirlington. It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed seeing all the people out and about with their pets. 

We decided to see The Artist which is nominated for several Oscars and is a silent movie. I admit, even though all I have been hearing are good things about this movie, I did not want to go see it. However Josh convinced me and boy was I glad. I LOVED IT. It is a beautiful story, and I got lost in the romance of the era it takes place in. Plus the little dog in it totally steals the show. I definitely recommend seeing this one on the big screen!

After the movie we decided to go ahead and rent another movie for the evening and walked over to the grocery store to peruse Red Box. When we got back to Josh's he lit us a big fire and started making dinner!
Hot Diggity Dog I love a fire in the fire place!

We had decided on the Ides of March which is another Oscar nominated film. It also stars Ryan Gosling (so does Blue Valentine) so we got a lot of Gosling time this weekend. Ides of March was a great movie and it was completely different than what I expected. I loved that it is about a Presidential campaign since we are currently in an election year and I work in politics. 

To go along with our movie I baked us up a few Tweety cookies! I crave these everyday...all the time.

After the movie we hit the hay! It was a great weekend, and boy do I LOVE having Mondays off.


Tomorrow morning Alycyn and I leave for Disney world. I am so excited, and I cannot wait to tell you all about it. Not only am I looking forward to getting away on a mini vacation to the most magical place on Earth, but I am excited to spend some quality time with one of my BFFs/roomie!

Now for our final Princess fact courtesy of Miss Beth!

The featured Princess today is Jasmine:
Jasmine is the only Disney Princess that does not have a solo song. She only sings "A Whole New World" with Aladdin. 

And in the words of Beth, which I agree with completely, WHAT A RIP OFF!

Go fight for your rights Jasmine! You're a princess for crying out loud!

And with that, have a lovely weekend everyone! I am out and I am off to...


  1. Your city is beautiful :) Have fun at Disney!

  2. Have so much fun at Disney! I'm so excited to be there too! Who knows...maybe I'll see you :)