Friday, February 3, 2012

A Jolly Ol' Saint Nick: Part 3 (New Years Eve)

If you are hungry right now...then turn away!

Before I left to visit my dad, my mom had told me repeatedly that all she wanted to do for New Year's Eve was cook and that is definitely what we did. 

Josh and I both arrived at my momma's on December 30th. He got right to work brining the turkey. Josh got my Momma a turkey fryer for Christmas, and she was itching for him to fry us up a turkey like the one we had on Thanksgiving!
Head Chef!

Meanwhile, Sam stopped by on her way to Brenham and grabbed a few things she left at my dad's. So we got a Christmas tree shot!
Love them all!

After she left, Mommasita, Josh, and I sat down and made our plans for the rest of the day. We had a slice on this decadent chocolate pecan pie my mom made while making our decisions.
Seriously the best pie I have ever had!

Josh ended up going to get a massage while Mommasita and I went to the grocery store. We rendezvoused back at Cozy Cottage for Happy Hour!
Champagne in the backyard.
Snapdragon joined in on the festivities! 
Love the bubbly
My favorite peeps!
Sweet Jackie O!

For dinner that night my Momma made us yummy salads with pork tenderloin and more pie for dessert of course!!!

We went to sleep full and happy that night!

The next morning (NYE) we started cooking all over again. Josh set up my mom's rotisserie on her grill and hooked us up with a delicious, juicy chicken! It was better than Crisp and Juicy, our favorite Peruvian chicken place.
The Start...
...the middle...
...The End...le magnifique!

After some yummy chicken my Mommasita and me got all dolled up while Josh continued cooking. Not only was he frying the turkey but he was making dressing too! My momma set us up with a cheese train and we got to snacking while Josh kept on slicing and dicing.
This could have been my meal alone!
My best friend/Momma!
Momma with Chef Josh
Momma and Jackie
What ya cookin? Goodlookin??

Finally the oil was hot enough and it was time for Josh to submerge the bird. He makes the best fried turkey ever!
Muscle Man

About an hour and half later it was ready, and it was time to eat!!!!

Jackie was exhausted from all of the cooking and excitement! 
"Is it midnight yet?"

The turkey was crisy, juicy, and mouth watering! We also had au gratin potatoes to go with our dressing and meat!
The perfect plate!

We ate, drank, and watched the ball drop in NYC. It was a great NYE, and I am so thankful I got to welcome in 2012 with the ones I love.

The next day Josh had planned to head on back to his Momma's house, but he decided to stay for one more day. We spent the day eating some more (of course), drinking (of course), and watching movies. We also had Josh's "Christmas" from my Momma. Right before he opened his presents though he found a really expensive bottle of Bourbon in my mom's liquor cabinet. It is no longer in production and very valuable. Of course my mom and I had no idea it was even in there so we gave it to Josh to enjoy. 
Josh with his bottle of Hirsch!

We had the door open while Josh was opening his presents. I was sitting next to my mom on the couch facing the door. All of sudden a PIT BULL walked into the living room. We were all very calm and even Jackie did not react. Slowly the pit bull turned around and went right back outside. It was so strange. We think the poor dog was partially blind and had heard our happy chatter and could smell our yummy who can blame her for wanting to come in.

After our unexpected visitor, Josh continued opening his gifts!
Happy Boy!

The rest of the evening was spent just enjoying being together. It was a fantastic start to 2012! Josh left the following morning, and then I left that evening to come back to DC. I was so sad to leave my Momma, but I knew that we would be together again soon! We had an incredible time together while I was home, and like I have stated a million times over, she is my absolute best friend and confidant. 

YAY for the Christmas Season! Can you believe that Groundhog Day has already passed?

One word: WOWZA!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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    1. I need to get that for you Selina!!! haha like 10 years late :)