Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy FAT Tuesday


So unless you live under a rock...which I admit can be me at times...I am pretty sure that you know today is Fat TUESDAY...which means Mardi Gras in French! Mardi Gras is the practice of overindulgence before the lenten season which begins on Ash Wednesday...which is manana. 

My coworker Vaughn brought in a scrumptious King Cake today which made me reminisce about the times I attended Mardi Gras in New Orleans with my friends/family. 
I did not find the baby...but it was sure yummy!

My momma has always loved New Orleans and when I was in high school and college we usually visited the historic city at least once a year. We would eat at incredible restaurants, stroll along the French Quarter, and enjoy all of the sights and sounds. 

It wasn't until college that I experienced the other side of New Orleans...the one more people think of when describing Mardi Gras...Bourbon Street, beads, and hurricanes (the drink...not the natural disaster). My friend Emily was born and raised in New Orleans, and during our senior year at A&M she invited all of our friends to attend Endymion, the largest of the Mardi Gras parades that ends in the Superdome with a big ball! The first night we were in NOLA we gorged on cajun food and hit up Bourbon Street, and on our last night we attended the black tie affair. Not only were their tons of beads, beverages, and fun but we also got to see incredible bands like Journey and The Go-Gos. We had a blast, and I was fortunate enough to attend the following year as well. Although I haven't been back to NOLA since 2008, it is still one of my favorite US cities.
Excited to be on Bourbon Street!
Frozen Hurricane's
At Endymion before the parade arrived! 
During the parade you literally get attacked with beads! Not because we were flashing people but because the people on the floats are just trying to get rid of them...also...why didn't someone tell me to blend the make-up on my nose?

Now like I said before, Fat Tuesday is the day before Ash Wednesday. This year for Lent I am going to give up using my credit card and going out to eat at restaurants/buying meals. I have a few exception though:

For the credit card-I can use it this weekend since I will be traveling to Florida for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. However, I am going to go ahead and extend Lent past Easter to make up for it.

For restaurant/meals-I am making an exception for Birthday/Anniversary dinners and when going out of town, but other than that all of my meals have to be either prepared by me at home or at Josh's home. So that means I must bring lunch with me everyday and I cannot eat out on the weekends. I will keep you updated.

I am also going to go to church every Sunday, and if I am not in town on the weekend, I will go during the week!

Side story, I am loving work this week! We are in recess which means....

Now in honor of the Disney Princess Half Marathon being days away I am going to post a random Disney Princess Fact each day on the blog. Today is about The Little Mermaid...my roomie/fellow DPHM runner Alycyn's favorite Disney Princess:

In the original story-book version, The Little Mermaid does not kiss the Prince and is turned into the foam on the waves forever by the evil witch. Disney changed this ending for their movie! -contributed by Steven Murray

What are you doing for Fat Tuesday?
I am either going to go home and make chili or go eat cajun food with Josh.

What are you giving up for Lent?
-Restaurants and credit card...and I am adding church.

Who is your favorite Disney princess?
-My favorite Disney movie is Alice in Wonderland, but she is not considered a princess...so then I pick Cinderella!


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