Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Fat Tuesday Dinner Recap

 So...going to eat cajun food with Josh beat out going to the gym and eating at home. We went to RT's in Alexandria which specializes in authentic Cajun cuisine...and man they do it right.  Plus, in honor of Fat Tuesday, the entire staff was dressed up in traditional Mardi Gras attire and the whole place was decorated which added to the smashing experience.

Josh and I both ordered a drink and then two appetizers:

Crab and Shrimp Beignets and Oysters Rockefeller
Beignets are similar to a donut so the batter that the shrimp and crawfish were fried in was somewhat sweet. They were served on top of Remoulade dressing...delectable.
The oysters were large and succulent, and the creamed spinace was uber decadent. Oysters Rockefeller are one of my all time favorite appetizers. 

For my main entree I had the Shellfish Creole and Josh had the stuffed trout!
So tasty and full of luscious shellfish!
Trout Stuffed with Crab rich and delicious

We were so stuffed after all of that but of course we had to have dessert...which ended up being two because the restaurant gave everyone a piece of King Cake. Two pieces in one day! Oy Boy!

For dessert we chose the Chocolate Silk Pie which reminded me of Mississippi Mud was so good we didn't get a picture!

I was stuffed after all of that and pretty much waddled out of the restaurant, but on the way out I had an unexpected surprise! I ran into a Zeta Sister from DC Alum club. She is an LSU Zeta and she gave both Josh and I some Mardi Gras beads...we didn't even have to flash her. It was a great evening, and I fell asleep pretty much the second I got home!

Now onto my Disney Princess Fact for the day! This one is brought to you by my coworker, Richard, and this is exactly what he sent me in an email today:

I have always had a place for Mulan – undersung, strong, loyal.

Like Alice, probably not considered a “princess” but still.

So, did you know……

Mulan was the first Disney feature completely animated at the Florida studio by which you will soon be plodding??

In the original Chinese legend upon which this film was based, Mulan succeeds in her deception, and leaves the battlefield with great honors? Months later, Mulan's fellow soldiers come in search of their "brother"-in-arms, and are shocked to discover that she's a woman.

I did not know any of this!
Did you?

I am learning something new everyday!
Thank you Richard for your awesome fact today.

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