Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Mine Valentine: Weekend and VDay Recap

 I am one of those people. I Love Valentine's Day. I think it stems from my obsession with all things pink, girly, stuffed, and chocolate! In elementary school I was excited for Valentine's Day starting on January 1st, and I would take extra care to decorate my Valentine's Box. I also would tell every little boy in my class that I liked him in an attempt to get extra goodies. Conniving? I think not! I just liked to get as much loot as possible, and I would give them a Valentine too...mind you the same one I gave all the girls...but it all worked out in the end! I had tons of admirers and they thought I was their girlfriend. 

Today I just tell three boys that I love them...Gungie, my Daddy, and ,most importantly, my handsome man...Joshua. Since Valentine's Day was on a weekday this year we got our celebrating started on Friday. After work we were both craving Pho. We decided to try a new place over on H Street, and it was awesome. Not only was it better than our favorite little hole in the wall in Virginia, but it also was very reasonable priced for DC and they served BEER! Score!
H Street Pho And Grill....we got dumplings, two bowls of pho, and some here for address: Pho It To Me!

After our yummy meal, we headed to my house where we met up with Miss Alycyn. We watched this awesome documentary titled Buck which is based on the man that inspired the movie The Horse Whisperer. It was very good, and I highly recommend it. Not only did he have an incredibly positive outlook on life despite a horrible childhood, but the scenery and story were beautiful. I made some Tweety Cookies to go along with the movie night, and we ended the evening playing Trivial Pursuit. 

The next day Josh went and tried out Crossfit (more posts to come) and I went to the gym. After my workout I met up with Beth and Alycyn for lunch at the new bread store on 8th Street, Spring Mill Bread Company. My sandwich was phenomenal. I had a pesto, mozzarella, and tomato sandwich. BB/AK had chicken salad and it was smashing too. Later Joshua picked me up and we went to Mass. After that is when Valentine's Day really began. Josh grilled us up some steaks and lobster. We had wine, salad, bread, corn, and brownie sundaes. Needless to stay I was STUFFED as turkey on Thanksgiving after all of that. 
Eat Me!

After dinner we watched the movie Moneyball....which I loved. The next day was spent centered around babies...hehe I went to a Baby Shower for my sweet friend Alison (post to come)!

Since we really indulged on Saturday, Josh and I both wanted to be healthy on actual VDay. Yesterday my morning started off right with spin class. Josh picked me up for work and surprised me with a Skinny Starbucks favorite! I love that man!

In lieu of flowers Josh got me a new pair of gloves in this beautiful shade of purple! I am obsessed and I cannot wait for them to get here! He knew I needed these since I lost one of mine on Blake's Birthday.  He had let me know he was getting these for me prior to Vday because he didn't know what size to get me.
So warm and pretty!

After work, we made Turkey, Rice, and Broccoli casserole and exchanged gifts. I had bought Josh some VDay boxers and a gift certificate to the Tune Inn, a local dive. He surprised me with tickets to RANDY ROGERS!!! They will be here in two pumped!
Kiss Me In The Dark!!!

We finished the evening with watching the most romantic movie ever....Contagion. Haha! Ok so not romantic at all...but it was soooooo good. Terrifying...but good! 

It was definitely a fantastic Valentine's Weekend/Day. I am so thankful for my handsome man. He is the sweetest, smartest, and most generous boyfriend. Plus he is cute and has a nice butt. Hehe! He makes me feel like I am the most beautiful girl ever and definitely lets me know that I am loved...everyday is Valentine's day with him!

I am also so thankful for my loving family and friends. My parents ALWAYS tell me they love me (and I tell them at least 5 million times a day that I love them right back)...and I can count on them for anything! My sensational friends are loyal and fabulous.

Plus my Daddy loves to send me flowers!
Roses from my Papasito!

I am one lucky lady!

Happy Hump Day Party People!

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