Thursday, January 19, 2012

Winter Restaurant Week: Adour

 One of the many things I love about living in a big city is all of the great restaurants. I am definitely what one would call a "foodie" and DC is a food lover's paradise! Twice a year quite a number of DC's greatest culinary establishments participate in "Restaurant Week." During RW, DC diners can go to a participating restaurant and have a three course meal for $35.12. WHAT A STEAL! Especially when you dine at restaurants where a typical appetizer alone costs around 30 bucks...and even at cheaper restaurants it is expensive to dine out up here...DC is just a pricey city!

During restaurant week my friends and I always try to choose the most expensive place that we wouldn't normally go to on a regular basis. In past restaurant weeks we have gone to Ceiba, J&G Steak, and this time we chose ADOUR! Adour is in the Washington DC St. Regis Hotel and specializes in contemporary least that is what it says on the website.
The ladies of the night! (This is from a few weeks ago but I wanted a group shot and forgot to take one! JBT was also there and is pictured below!)

We got to Adour an hour early to enjoy some delicious cocktails before our dinner.
JBT, Lanie, and Aly

 At about 7:30 we were seated for our meal. I have been to Adour before and the thing I love most about the restaurant is not the sensational food but actually the eye-catching decor. Everything is sleek and modern but yet still gives off a warm inviting glow...I just love the place! Once seated we immediately ordered a few bottles of wine...a particularly fruity and full bodied Cabernet Franc from France! We then glanced over the menu (which I had already looked at about 100 times online) and made our selections.

For our first course our options were a Poached Egg, Butternut Squash Risotto, Crab Bisque, or a two fish appetizer. I went with the Salmon and Sea Bass...or in my words Two Fish! The two fish were poached and served on top of endive lettuce and seasoned pecans. It was fantastic...very light but full of zest and flavor.
This would be perfect on a Summer day with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc!

For the Second Course we had the choice of Grilled Grouper, Amish Chicken, or Braised Beef Cheeks. All of us got the cheeks except JBT, and they were succulent and savory. They were served on top of a polenta mash and reminded me of a short tender you wanted to lay your head on it like a pillow. AMAZING! Also my serving for some reason was pretty much twice the size of everyone else's! SCORE! Girl gots to eat yo!
Kind of looks like a heart...but it was sooo good!

Finally for dessert the choice there were Smores and....and...and...ummmm....yeah....who am I kidding? When Smores are an don't even look at anything else. All 6 of us got sweet and delectable. The only thing I would change about the desert were the accents of orange...I like my Smores the traditional way: Hershey+ Stay-puff +Graham Cracker=Heaven!
Eat me!

The finale of the evening was a round of after dinner drinks and cappuccinos. It was definitely a successful Restaurant Week night, and I will for sure go back to Adour regardless of the time of long as I got money in my pocket. The food is just that good, the atmosphere is incredible, and the staff is unbelievable....they are all friendly, knowledgeable, and articulate. I rate this a night a 10 with TWO BIG SMILES!


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