Monday, January 30, 2012

A Jolly Ol' Saint Nick: Part 2

After getting ready on Christmas Day, I made my way over to the Embassy Suites in McAllen to have Christmas Brunch with my Daddy, Linda, and her side of the family. It had been awhile since I had seen everyone so it was great to catch up and stuff our faces with yummy food...and as an added plus there were no dishes!
After lunch, full and happy!

After brunch I went back to my Momma's house to pick up my suitcase, and then I drove up to my daddy's house/ranch south of Falfurrias. Elsa, Linda's German Shepard, had puppies when I was down for my I was super excited to see how much they had grown...and boy had they. I played with them for a bit, and then my dad and I drove around the ranch for an hour to check cows and see the wildlife. When we got back we changed quickly and drove to Kingsville so that we could go to Christmas Mass. Whenever I am Kingsville, I always stop at my grandma's house. So after Mass, my Daddy and I drove on over to Nene's and visited with her, my grandpa, and my cousin Yale. I was so thankful we went over because Yale had been unable to make it to King's Inn early that week with my mom's family.

On our way back home we also stopped by my friend Adam's house. We were suppose to stop by and see his grandma who had been home from the nursing home for Christmas Day. However, we were running late and missed, but it was wonderful seeing Adam. Adam, me and our friend William had been very close friends when were younger. But, as life goes, we have all gone our separate ways over the years and lost touch. Adam and I made plans to go to lunch later in the week, and then my daddy and I finally made it back home to the ranch. We were exhausted!

The next day, I went in to town to visit my best friend from high school! She had a baby in March of 2011 and I had not yet met the sweet girl. Our other friend Nancy was coming over too, and we had so much fun catching up, talking about Nancy's upcoming wedding, reliving old memories, and playing with sweet Madilynn! I am so thankful for my friends. We are still just as close as ever, and I love getting to see them whenever I can!
Sweet Baby Madilynn
Nancy (the Bride-to-Be), Madilynn, and me
Vanessa (Madilynn's Beautiful Mommy)

After a few hours, I said good-bye to my friends and headed back home. My sister Samantha was arriving, and I could not wait to see her. We had not seen one another in over a year and half, and it had been way too long. After lots of hugs, Sam, Linda and I went out and played with the puppies. Did I mention there were 12 of them?!?!? WOW!!!

Elsa and some of her puppies!

That night Sam, Daddy, Linda and I had our Christmas together. We had a wonderful steak dinner and opened our presents! I got lots of great gifts as well as some Lottery Tickets!!! Woo hoo!

That next morning, Sam went hunting with my Dad and I went running. I later met her in town to have lunch with Adam, and then we went home to wait for Josh, who was driving down that day. He had driven all the way from DC to Galveston to visit his family, and the drove from Galveston to Falfurrias to visit me and my family! I was so excited to see Josh pull into our driveway, and that night we all went to King's Inn to celebrate his arrival! I told you we go there for every is a South Texas must!
Daddy, Me, Sam and Linda
Me and my handsome man! 

The next morning Daddy, Sam, Josh and me woke up early to go hunting at our ranch in Hebbronville which is about an hour from Falfurrias. My dad was on a mission to get Josh a trophy buck. We didn't see too much movement that morning so at about noon we stopped to feed my dad's cows...I used that moment to get some pics!
Daddy and Daughters
Love him!
My Daddy...a Texas man through and through!

We went into town for lunch and stopped by to see my Godmother, Marta, who lives in Hebbronville. When I was younger and didn't want to go hunting with my dad, I would go and stay with my Madrina! She makes the best rice and bean soup ever...and the best Pan De Polvo which are Mexican shortbread cookies. We visited awhile and then headed back out to the ranch for some afternoon hunting!
Madrina (Godmother in Espanol) Marta and me!

It is perfectly legal to hunt with corn in we feed those deer well!
Getting the feeder ready!

We saw even less movement that afternoon and headed home once it turned dark. Linda made us some delicious enchiladas for dinner, and then Sam left to go visit her family in the valley. The rest of us went to bed early because we knew we had to get up extra early to make sure we got Josh a trophy buck!

The next morning started even earlier. We drove back to Hebbronville and started cruising the brush. I mentioned this last year, but when hunting with my Daddy you do everything from the truck. It is like a moving deer blind.
A deer we saw that morning...too young/small to shoot. He was coming up to the truck to get some corn from the "Candy Man". The Candy Man is my dad! haha!

At about noon we drove back to Falfurrias (reminder it is about an hour a way) so that my dad could do a few things at his Veterinary Office. We then drove back to Hebbronville for our last chance to get Josh a deer. The sun was starting to set, and I was getting worried that Josh wasn't going to get his trophy. My butt also hurt from sitting all day for not 1 but 2 I was also a bit cranky!
Beautiful South Texas Skyline

But then Josh spotted something in the brush. I could not even see the deer...that is how dark it had gotten. My dad told him to get his gun ready. Josh released the safety and pulled the trigger.

And HE GOT HIM! Perfect Shot by my perfect man! My dad and I were so proud, and the deer Josh got was a beauty!
Josh and his buck***
My two favorite guys!!!

We were exhausted by this point. After field dressing the deer, the guys got him loaded in the truck, and we went over to show him to my Dad's friend Dennis who was staying on the ranch for the weekend. When we were loading up to head home, Josh accidently knocked off the side step on my dad's truck. Thank goodness we had Dennis there because we ended up needing all these tools to remove the darn thing. It took Josh about 45 minutes to get it off and about 100 tools...but we finally did it and finally got home. I was really cranky and tired, but SUPER happy for Josh! His deer was gorgeous!

That next morning Josh and I packed up our stuff and headed back down to my Mom's house for New Year's. We had a wonderful time with my Daddy, Linda and Sam, and I am so thankful for all that my family did for me while I was home...especially my Daddy who took us hunting and then drove the deer to the processor the next day. I am very blessed to have such a loving family.

Part 3 (the Finale) Tomorrow!!!!

***On a side note*** I come from a hunting family. We eat everything we kill. It is part of the circle of life. Thanks and Gig 'Em!