Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Jolly Ol Saint Nick: Part 1

 Nothing like Christmas in January...right? Haha! So here is the start of Christmas recap...a month later...but hey pretty befitting to start it on January is practically the holiday season again!

I left DC the Wednesday before Christmas, right after work. I was fortunate enough to have no travel problems. Everything was right on time, and I made it to McAllen right on schedule at about 11pm. I was exhausted but the second I saw my best girl friend, My Mommasita, all my travel caused exhaustion went right out the window. We immediately starting catching up as we headed home to Cozy Cottage. She had been baking all day and the house smelled amazing. While I unpacked my stuff she made me a homemade Honey Baked Ham sandwich as a midnight snack and then we hit the hay.

The next morning after our morning coffee and walking Jackie (our best girl dog) we got all dolled up and went into her store for a few hours. As always she had everything looking superb!
Me and my BFF
Our lunch at the store...she makes every table look like a masterpiece. 

Once we closed the store we went to my favorite place HEB and got some supplies. When we got home there was a package from my Mom's friend Cathy waiting for us!
Gift Basket by Three Ants

The next morning we did our morning ritual of a long coffee hour and walked Jackie. We ran a lot of errands before getting ready to make the two hour drive to Baffin Bay to meet the Livingston family (my aunts, uncles, grandma and grandpa) for a Kings Inn Christmas Dinner. Kings Inn is a famous seafood restaurant in South Texas and whenever I am home, I usually eat there at least once. We had an amazing meal of succulent seafood, tasty avocado salads, and spicy tarter sauce. It was delicious, but seeing all of my loved ones was definitely the icing on the Gingerbread cookie!
Aunt LaDonna, Nene, and Mommasita
Dustin, Celeste, Adrienne, and Aunt Laura
My Family!!!!

After dinner my Momma and I drove back home to Cozy Cottage. We were excited to wake up in our own beds the next morning and drink our coffee. During our breakfast coffee and champagne, we watched the Hangover 2. We both thought it was hilarious, and it was the perfect start to our Christmas Eve day. During the credits we made another grocery list and made our way back to HEB to get some items for our Christmas Eve feast. The first thing we made when we got home were Chocolate Chip with Sea Salt Cookies. They were INCREDIBLE. I mean it. I ate like 4 in one sitting and they are my new go to cookie recipe!
Baking with my BFF
About to go in the oven!
Cooling...the salt looks like glitter!
Tasting my first of many cookies!

After our happy hour of champagne and cookies (my momma always has the bubbly flowing) we got started on making our main courses. Jackie did a good job of making sure we did our jobs.
Jackie O

Doesn't my Momma's table top look gorgeous? She is the most talented decorator ever. I have seen her turn an old sweater into an amazing planter! That girl can do anything!

For dinner we made homemade Macaroni and Cheese and Beef Tenderloin. The Mac n Cheese recipe came from our friend Christina. She made it at Thanksgiving and we knew we had to recreate it! Cheesy goodness!

My Momma makes a mean tenderloin!

It was the best Christmas Eve. I was with someone I cherish dearly and we were both truly thankful for all of our blessings. The next morning (Christmas Day) we sat by our fireplace and drank coffee (see the pattern.) We no longer really exchange very many gifts. Our Christmas is about being with one another...which is the best gift of all and I am so thankful to have her as my momma and best friend. However, my mom did surprise me with three super cute sweaters.

We lounged around and then I got ready to go meet my daddy and Linda for Christmas lunch and start my stay with them in Falfurrias. But, first we got some shots of us by the Christmas tree!

I love reliving Christmas!
 To be continued....

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