Friday, January 20, 2012

Happy Friday: MLK Weekend Recap

 Last weekend started off amazing! I got off of work a few hours early on Friday. I decided to use my free time to get an extra workout in. After working on my fitness for a bit, my sweet boyfriend picked me up and we drove to the Teet...aka the Harris Teeter, one of the grocery store chains here in DC. (Don't Worry still are and will always be my favorite.) Josh was making me dinner, and he needed to pick up a few things. While Josh started cooking, I hopped in the shower and got in some comfy lounging clothes. My sweetness then built me a fire and poured me a glass of wine while I worked on my computer..I am very spoiled. Because of my workout, I was STARVING. I mean eat your arm off starving. Luckily for me, Josh had already laid out some snacks for me to munch on.
Brie, bread and honey! GET IN MY BELLY! Aren't the dishes gorgeous? They are from my Mommasita's store. Josh got them for Christmas!

After more snacking and some salads it was time for the main event...RED MEAT! Yes please! My man knows how to make a mean steak!
Beef! It's what's for dinner!

After our tummy satisfying meal we spent the rest of the night playing Apples to Apples with Keith and Alisa. Alisa dominated the whole time and Josh kept accusing us of cheating...not true...but we had lots of fun!

The next day Josh and I slept pretty late. We had stayed up way past my normal bed time of I was a sleepy lady. We ran a few errands and then headed over to my house. I got ready and then Josh and I walked around Eastern Market a bit before heading to Seventh Hill Pizza for a late lunch. I had only eaten there once before and this time it was SO much better. Josh had a pizza that had peppers and chorizo on it and I had the italian sausage. Amazing!!!

We took our stuffed bellies home and watched the Olympic running trials. Two of my favorite ladies came out on top: Kara Goucher and Desi Davila. Yay for the 2012 Summer Games. I am pumped. The Summer Olympics are always my favorite...I like the running and gymnastic events best.

At about 5pm, Josh and I headed over to our friend Deon's house. The boys were throwing a going away party for our friends Dom and Gina. Dom plays on Josh's softball team, and he and his precious wife are moving back to their hometown of Pittsburgh. It was great catching up with all of our friends that we hadn't seen for awhile.
Matt, Josh, and Dom (the man of the hour)
Shrimp boil. Corey and Christi were the superb chefs.
Aaricka, Meagan, and Me! Meagan just got engaged. Congrats pretty lady!

I stayed at the party for about two hours, but then I had to head home. It was my friend Blake's birthday and I had committed to go to his party too. Josh stayed behind, and I went and got dolled up. After another round of cocktails with my lady loves at 315 (aka my casa) we made our way over to the U Street area of DC. Blake's party was at Local 16 which has a great rooftop bar.
The man of the hour. He is the one in plaid without a cap. I like to call him Daddy. Don't ask me why because I don't know. 

I had already had a few drinks by this point so I was feeling pretty happy, but the second I got on the dance floor I became ecstatic! I think the photo progression illustrates it perfectly.
Early in the night...normal smiles!
Starting to get happier...don't know where Lanie's glow in the dark Lisa Left Eye Lopez makeup came from though.
Full Blown Party Mode 
Don't ask me...but he was the DJ...his name is Miguel...and I tried to take over.

I definitely had a blast that night...and I know Josh had fun at his party too...because the next morning we rehashed our evenings on our way over to Hard Times in Clarendon. It was Tim's, another member of Josh's softball team, birthday. It also happened to be the playoff game between the Houston Texans and the Baltimore Ravens. Josh is a HUGE Texans fan, but Tim might be an even bigger one. So his sweet wife threw him a football game watch party with tons of beer, wings, cheese fries, and more. After our nights of drinking all of that greasy food hit the spot. Sadly the Texans did not win, but we had a lot of fun. Plus Josh bought me some ice cream after (the way to a girls heart.) Unfortunately I ended up having food envy and liking Josh's Peanut Butter Cup ice cream way better than my Chocolate Shake. Well, unfortunate for Josh not for me because I took his ice cream...haha! On our way back to the car we noticed the hot gem below...haha no not me...the Lamborghini!

We spent the rest of the night relaxing. We were both exhausted from the night before.

I have a confession. I love running errands. I just do! Josh and I had Monday off in honor of MLK Day. Luckily for us (so we missed the crowds) we have already visited the MLK monument here in DC. It turned out even better than I imagined and it is gorgeous. Since we have already been we were able to spend our free day running errands! Yay for Me! Not so yay for Josh. After heading to the mall so I could pick up my free mascara for being a loyal Clinique customer, my handsome man and I stopped at Jason's Deli for lunch. I have not been to Smelly Deli since college and it did not disappoint. I still loved their French Onion Soup and Salad Bar. We then made our way over to Bed, Bath, & Beyond so I could buy new pillows (my old ones were pancake flat) and to Barnes & Noble. As a special treat, Josh took me to see "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I have read the book and loved it, and Josh watched the Swedish version of the movie with me. So I was super excited to compare the American version to it.

I really loved it. However, I think the Swedish version is better, and obviously of course the book is too. But if you do not like subtitles, this one is definitely great! One pro to the American one is the characters looked a lot more like what I imagined them to look like when reading the book!

After a quick run to the grocery store, Josh and I headed to my house to make turkey tacos and watch the Miss America pageant. I had recorded it on Saturday since I knew I would be out and about. It was a great weekend....but as I read this post I realize a lot of it revolved around me and things I like. Haha! Sorry baby! I love you, and I had a great weekend...and I am so excited that the weekend is already here again!

(One of my favorite blogs Love Maegan always signs off her blogs by calling her readers love I am going to trying some new things for awhile. Today you all are Manatees. Who wouldn't like being called a friendly sea cow?)

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It is titled "What 20-Something Want". My coworker and friend Lauren sent it to me, and I laughed like Fran Drescher it was so funny.

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