Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas in DC...OOOOH Yippee!

 Ok...I know...lame title...but it rhymed so it made me happy.

Wow! It has been a long I have missed thee! See down in South Tejas I hardly ever get on the computer...but enough with excuses...I am back...and ready to charm you with my Christmas adventures.

The weekend before I left for Texas was when Josh and I celebrated our Christmas together. The weekend started off with meeting some good friends for a happy hour honoring my good friend Whitney who was in DC visiting. Whitney is an Aggie, a Zeta, and lived in she is a great she is a skeet shooter and has a was pretty much love at first sight!
Ignore the CRAZY eyes! I was happy! 

After catching up with Whit, a few of us grabbed some pizza and beers at 18th Amendment. Suddenly we got a hankering to go we hopped in a cab and made our to Chinatown. Sadly there was a 2 hour we went and played shuffle board instead!
You got this Em!!

The next morning Josh went to the grocery store for me while I did some tidying up in the apartment. When he came back we had some more pizza (of the frozen variety) and watched some football. I also started cooking up our dinner for that night...Homesick Texan's Fancy Schmancy King Ranch Chicken! It is seriously the best King Ranch Chicken EVER!!!! Recipe here: EAT ME!
So colorful!!!
We watched some more football and as the King Ranch Chicken baked in the oven I got ready for our evening of presents and Madagascar Ice! The kitchen smelled so good as the KRC simmered in the oven, and boy was I ready to dig in!!!
Stuff my face!

After filling our bellies it was time to open presents!!! Isn't our tree precious?

Josh wouldn't let me look at the front of the bag...little did I know that I was about to be getting something awesome from Tory Burch!!!!
Super excited...anxious with anticipation...

They were the boots I had been wanting...and they fit perfectly! I was so excited and so surprised! My man did good!
Loves them!! Crazy eyes means very happy girl!

Josh is sweet and let me open my present first...or if I am being honest...I grabbed mine first and ripped it to shreds...anyway next it was his turn!
I wonder what is in this box?

MORE BOOTS! I had actually bought Josh a pair of boots too! However these are for hunting...Chippewa Snake Boots...perfect for hunting in South Texas!
So handsome and so happy!

We both put our new boots on and headed over to the National Harbor to go to ICE which is an exhibit made completely out of...well duh...ICE! This years theme was Madagascar Christmas, and it was so cute. FREEZING, but fun and cute. I highly suggest it to others!
In our GYNORMOUS parkas! It was like 2 degrees in there.
Ice Santa
Josh loves penguins!  
The giant ice slide...cold on the booty but fun for the spirit!
The end...I was FREEZING!

After some much needed hot chocolate we headed home to watch Love Actually...well Josh watched...I fell asleep like normal.

The next morning we woke up really early because we both had a busy day. After I made a batch of cookies and assembled a baked brie, we headed over to Tyson's to go to the mall and run some errands. We exchanged a coat Josh gave me for my birthday for a red one that fit much better. We also did some more Christmas shopping, grocery shopping, got his Jeep detailed, and had lunch. From there I borrowed my handsome man's car because I had two Christmas parties to go to. I made a quick stop at home to freshen up and popped my brie in the oven to bake.
So decadent and sooooo easy to make!
 First stop was my DC Zeta Alum Christmas party and that is where the brie made his debut. I love my DC Zetas and we had such a fun time at our sister Michelle's cute house. There was lots of laughter, drinks, and of course...eating...we Zetas love our food.
DC Zetas...and a cute pug's booty

I stayed at the Zeta party for a few hours and then it was time to head to my Book Club's cookie exchange...I got a bit lost in Trinidad, but the cookies and I made it safely to the 2nd Party! I love my book is a group of all of my closest friends in DC and while we usually only talk about the Hunger Games and not our current book endeavors, I enjoy all of the times we have together.
TWEETY Cookies! The best cookie ever. The recipe was passed down to me by my Camp Director and I love them so much. They are my go to cookie!
Book Club!!!!!

After book club I went back to Josh's house to return his car and bake some more cookies for a coworkers birthday. Josh had stayed home to pack because he was driving back to Texas the next day. By the time the cookies were baked and he was packed we were EXHAUSTED...I mean so tired (as well as a bit nauseous from all of the cookies), but it was so worth it.  I had such a wonderful weekend with my incredible Joshua as well as all of my lovely friends.  

Happy Friday and more Christmas Recaps to come...kind of makes it feel like we are still in the Holiday season. Right?


  1. I feel famous! :) ZLAM!

  2. I feel famous too! Thanks Olivia for the sweet mention!

    PS--It's cute that you and Josh both got eachother boots! He "done good"!