Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Very Mommasita Thanksgiving Part 2: NYC Addition

The Friday after Thanksgiving Mommasita and I woke up bright and early to get get dressed and ready. We were scheduled to be on the 8:00am train ride to NYC. We got to Union Station with plenty of time to spare and got great seats on the train. The ride to the city was pretty warm...their heater was definitely working and unfortunately it was not that cold outside. So it made for one sauna like ride. I was more than ready to get off that train and into the fresh air. NYC and all of the East Coast was experiencing a warm was only in the 60s and felt phenominal.

My momma and I were starving by this point so we dropped off our bags and decided to head to Barney's for lunch. The sidewalks in front of Barney's were jammed packed, and that was when I remembered that Lady Gaga's exhibit was taking place inside. After my momma and I put our names down on the waiting list for lunch at Fred's (the restaurant in Barney's), we decided to peruse the House of Gaga!

It was insane! There were people everywhere and it was also about 20 degrees warmer with all of the bodies. I must admit I was pretty excited to partake in the excitement. There were Gaga inspired clothes, cookies, candies, jewelry, and more. 25% of the proceeds went towards her non-profit which promotes anti-bullying. I am currently on a pretty strict budget or else I would have bought 9 hair-bows, 6 pairs of gloves, and about 8 Little Monster cookies...however, for this trip I just took pics....I enjoyed that though...and next time she has her Holiday showcase...I will definitely buy some is for a good cause after-all!
I wanted this bow!

By the time we made it through the entire Gaga floor, it was time for lunch...we were really ravished by then. My mom and I both had the Lobster Salad...and damn was it good. I love me some lobsta! After lunch we continued walking down Madison Avenue and happened upon this beautiful stoop.
Moments later a body guard kicked us off the stoop...but we got some great pics!

We did a lot of window shopping along Madison and stopped in my Mom's holy grail, Ralph Lauren. While we were in the store not only did I overhear the employees talking about shipping something to Taylor Swift but I also happened to walk right past this lady:
Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York City.

Now normally I would ask a C-List Celebrity if I could take a picture with her. However, I think she was still a bit mad about Bravo recently letting her I decided not to mess with and continue looking at all of the RL Couture. After a lot of walking, my mom and I both were famished so we decided to go ahead and go to dinner. We had reservations at this small Italian place that my mom's friend Kathy had suggested to her. At the moment I cannot remember the name, but it was amazing and Paul McCartney proposed to his 18th wife there. I had an amazing pasta dish with an anchovy sauce and my mom had their version of Lasagna...out of this world. We were exhausted by the time dinner was over so we went straight to bed. Hallelujah!

The next morning we got up nice and early and got all perrrrty. I had planned for much colder weather and packed lots of cozy sweaters. However, it was unseasonably warm. Luckily for me, my Momma and I are pretty much they same size so I borrowed her clothes. Yee haw! The day before, when we were on Madison, we passed by Laduree, the French macaroon store that is now in NYC. The wait was over an hour and half long so we didn't wait, but when we went first thing in the morning we got right in the door!
Excited for some macaroons

By the time we picked out our French bounty, it was already time to head over to Bergdorf Goodman for my Birthday lunch. First we stopped by the makeup counter for a quick touch up.

Every time my Momma and I go to NYC we have lunch at Bergdorf, and we always sit in the barreled chairs that overlook Central Park. The view is spectacular, the food is yummy, and it is our it is a must. I had the Lobster Salad...again, and for desert we got this decadent piece of cheesecake! Oooh lalala!
Happy Birthday to Me!

After more window shopping and walking, Momma and I decided it was time we try our macaroons! They were even better than I remembered (I had one in London) and we got several flavors so we could have a tasting. My favorite was the Pistachio one....if you need help finding is the green one!
Tasting the Momma's favorite!

The sugar was just what we needed for a quick pick me up. We then touched up our makeup again (got to look good in the big city) and then headed down to the bar for a quick drink before heading to Broadway!

My Momma and I went and say "Anything Goes" which was spectacular. We had great seats...which in my opinion great seats means you are close enough to see the actors/singers spit when they are singing! Spit=perfect seats! I highly suggest seeing this musical because it is classic Broadway...not a lot of special effects but the singing, dancing, and acting is phenomenal.
Click here to read about the show: WOO HOO!

By the time the show was over, I was deliriously tired and hungry. I really thought I was going to passout. Luckily, our hotel was right by Shake Shack which is something I have always wanted try. We now have one in DC too, but I was excited to have my first experience in NYC. The burger was incredible and it revived me from my "almost fainting spell".

Sunday morning was the start of our last day in NYC. Momma and I put on our workout clothes and speed walked all the way to....Carnegie Deli...haha....the perfect treat after a workout! Even though it was only 10:00am, we decided to have lunch and ordered Matzo Ball Soup and the Ruben Sandwich. If you have never been to Carnegie the portions are GYNORMOUS and one of their sandwiches literally could feed more than 4 people.
This was the best Matzo Ball soup I have ever had

We countinued walking after our brunch, and then went back to our hotel to pack and get ready. Once we were ready we went and made our only purchases of the entire weekend...we bought calendars!
My new calendar...with my mom in a the stationary store that was the size of a closet.

Our train was leaving at 8pm that night, so even though it was only 4:30, we decided to go ahead and make our way over to Balthazar for dinner. Balthazar is one of our favorite places in NYC and we eat there every time we visit. I highly suggest going, but make sure you make a reservation. We started with a cheese board while we waited for our table, and then once we got seated we really started eating. I had french onion soup to start and it was just as good as in Paris. My mom had pumpkin ravioli, and then we shared a steak and frites! Bon Apetite! It was incredible.

After dinner, we had to rush to our hotel to pick up our luggage and get to the train station. During this mad dash, I lost an Ugg boot as well as left the tickets for the train in our hotel room and the housekeeper threw them away. Let me give you some advice. NEVER DO THAT because then you have to buy your tickets again. No reprinting like at the airport. On Amtrak you have to repurchase the tickets...major bummer...but we had so much fun all in all it did not matter...and boy was I exhausted the next day.

I had a great time Momma! I love you so much, and I am excited for all of our Christmas adventures.

This week I will be blogging a lot to catch up on all that I haven't posted. Things have been crazy the past few weeks...hence lots of lapses in posting...but not anymore.


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  1. Looks like y'all had a blast!!! Yay for mother/daughter time :) I want/need to go back to NYC sometime in the near future!