Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Very Mommasita Thanksgiving: Part 1

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving my Mommasita arrived in DC. Josh and I went and picked her up from the airport, and then headed straight to lunch...we were starving. After what Josh calls some bird food at Le Pain Quotidien, we went to my office so that my Momma could meet my coworkers and some of my friends in neighboring office. Everyone loved her, of course! Josh also took us over to his Committee balcony so we could get some pictures with The Capitol. It was a dreary day...but it was still nice to get some pictures!
A Capitol View

While I went back to work for a few hours, Josh and my Momma went over to our favorite liquor store: Schneider's. It has the best prices on unique wines, and I definitely suggest checking it out if you have never been.  Once I got off work, I met up with my two favorite people back at my apartment for a little bit of wine and some early birthday present opening! My Momma gave me several new sweaters from her store...and I LOVE THEM!
Me and My Best Friend

After our lil happy hour, we made our way over to H Street to the famous Granville Moore's to stuff our faces with mussels and fries. They have the best Mussels I have EVER had and their fries are to DIE FOR! Granville Moore's has been on Bobby Flay's "Throw-down" and beat Bobby Flay...that is how good they are. The place is a total dive bar...and completely fabulous. It is in my Top Ten of Best Places to Eat in DC. They do not take reservations so either get there earlier...or be prepared to wait...but its is well worth it!
Gosh...I want this right now!

The next day I went to work in the morning and then my Momma and I met up and went to her favorite place in DC...Georgetown. After a super yummy lunch of pumpkin risotto at Cafe Milano, we walked all over Georgetown looking in the different shops. We didn't buy anything but we had a lot of fun browsing. When we just could not look around any longer we went over to the Ritz Carlton for a glass of champagne!

My other best friend/sweet boyfriend, Josh,  picked us up at about 6pm and we made another trip to the liquoir store (we like our champagne). Lanie and Beth were coming over for drinks after dinner and we had to get some reinforcements. Josh, Mommasita, and I had an amazing dinner at Senart's Oyster House on 8th, and then Josh dropped us off for some girl time with Lanie and Beth at my house. There was a lot laughter, conversation, and deep thoughts...it was a great time!

The next day was Thanksgiving day! Momma and I drank coffee while watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and then went on a 4 MILE walk down to the Washington Monument and back. It was a beautiful but chilly day. After our walk, we had some champagne and a snack while watching The Holiday (one of our favorite movies to watch together) before starting to cook.

My momma, me and all of my friends that stayed in DC for the break were having a Thanksgiving Potluck at the infamous "Bluebonnet". The Bluebonnet is a house that a bunch of Texas boys live in here on Capitol Hill, and they are always hosting fun get-togethers and parties. My Momma and I volunteered to bring her famous Sweet Potato Casserole....it is mouth watering good!
My two favorite people

There was so much food and even my mom said it was the best Thanksgiving meal she had ever had. Everyone pulls out all the stops for their one or two special dishes! There were two types of turkey, a ham, several different potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, rolls, stuffings, pies....more food than could feed an army. It was incredible.
My handsome man frying up the bird!

The company was even better than the food, and I am so lucky to have such great friends in DC. Not only are they smart, loyal, and compassionate...but they are all a hell of a lot of fun!
Mommasita and me with my BFFSM, Lanie!
The Fried Turkey

After giving thanks and stuffing our faces, it was time for some Aggie Football. Unfortunately the performance was just about as terrifying as Tom Cruise introducing the game. Weird. Some people were just too far into a food coma to even watch the game...
Sleeping Beauties

 All in all the first part of my Momma's trip was amazing, and Thanksgiving Day really was the icing on the cake. Thank you to everyone who made that day so special..especially my Momma! It was so fun having her here and I am so glad she got to meet all of my friends!
Awesome Turkey Day Group

Tomorrow look forward to Part Two of A Very Mommasita Thanksgiving....which will include the details of our Trip to New York City!!!!!

Tomorrow is also this handsome man's birthday:


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  1. If I lived in DC, Schneider's would be my favorite too :)