Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful for Neutrogena and Butternut Squash

 If you are a Groupon subscriber, I am sure you've noticed that they have started having deals on merchandise along with their normal daily deals. Last week the deal was for seven Neutrogena products for 35 dollars. In DC I spend about 35 bucks for just two the words of my Nene "what a ripoff!"  Thus, I knew I had to buy this deal! It included most of the things I already normally use anyway, and it was valued at over $55.00!!!! Can you say bargain?


November 15: I am thankful that this beautiful box arrived on my doorstep yesterday, and my skin is thankful too. If you haven't tried the Pink Grapefruit Face Wash by Neutrogena yet...well go buy it now. Not only does it smell amazing, but it removes all of my makeup and leaves my face feeling flawless. I love it!!!

 November 16: I am thankful for all fall foods...specifically BUTTERNUT SQUASH!!!
Are you a butternut squash fan? I do not think I had ever had this autumn staple until last year. I am now completely obsessed. I have added it to stews, salads, and I made some incredible mac-n-cheese with it. It tastes similar to sweet potatoes but I think it is even better. TRY SOME NOW!
My butternut squash and beet salad from lunch today. Delicious. I love beets too...I am a lot like Dwight K Shrute.
This picture is courtesy of Cooking of my other obsessions. I changed their recipe up a bit by adding more cheese, using whole wheat pasta, and adding some cauliflower. It was soooo good and really hit the spot on a cold night. Click here for the recipe: YUMMY GOODNESS!!!

On a different note, I just checked the race results from the 10K I ran on Sunday. I placed 108th out of 1200 women. That means I was in the top 10 percent which means in Texas I would have been automatically accepted to any public University I wanted...woo hoo!
Happy Wednesday Rock-stars!

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