Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A Spooktacular Weekend: Halloween Recap

 Last week was crazy busy at work so I could not wait for 5pm Friday! The second the clock hit quitting time I was out the door and on my way to the grocery store. As I mentioned in my last post, Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I was helping some friends of mine throw a big bash. Thus a few supplies were needed. After getting all my goods I hit up the liquor store....what is Halloween without a few spooky beverages? Once I was home, I put on my apron (yes I wear an apron...my sweet roommate gave it to me and I love it) and got my cooking/baking on. Josh had to work late so I wanted to make sure dinner was ready for him once he got home...working late on a Friday is no bueno! On the menu for the evening was Bar-B-Que Chicken Pizza, recipe courtesy of The Pioneer Woman, and Pumpkin Cheese Cake Brownies, courtesy of Perry's Plate...which is one of my new favorite food blogs. While my food was baking, I whipped up some of these bad boys for the party:
BLOOD SHOTS aka Jello Shots

Our food was amazing and we drank a few of our bottles of our wine that we had picked up on our trip to Charlottesville as well.

Although our evening was wonderful, the night was not so great. My upstairs neighbors decided to have a party until 6am, and needless to say, Josh and I did not get much sleep. I had planned to go on a 16 mile run the next morning and he had to go to work (on a Saturday..double yuck), so we were both pretty cranky. 

The next morning it was really cold and super nasty. So that pretty much nixed my running plans. I sat on the couch for awhile before going to the gym for about 60 minutes of elliptical time. I am one of those people that watches the Food Network while working out...if the Food Network is on, I can stay on the elliptical for a LONG time. As I headed home, it started snowing. It is October people! This is nuts. In Falfurrias at this time of year I am normally still blasting the AC and sweating my booty off! After a quick lunch of some banana pancakes and bacon, I went over to my friend's house to help decorate.
Sooo gloomy...I tried to capture the snowflakes...it didn't work out too well.

By the time I finished decorating, Josh was finally off work. We watched the A&M game that I had recorded since he was at work. Sadly, it was pretty ugly...so I started getting ready for the for the party. After about an hour of gluing prosthetic noses and chins and painting myself green, I was ready. Behold the WICKED WITCH!!!!!!

***Quick Side Story*** I was a witch one year when I was younger. However, like I said before, Falfurrias is still HOT at this time of year and that year Halloween happened to be during a record breaking heat wave. Anyway, my nose melted off, my paint sweated off, and I broke my witch wand. It was not a good year....so I decided to try again....the climate up here is much more conducive to witch attire!
My costume was my mom's. When she sent it to me she told me that the dress was flattering...I thought how can a witch dress be flattering...but it actually was!
I'm Melting....Melting!
 My handsome man went as a member of the 99%!
Wall Street Protester

 The party was a lot of fun! The decorations were awesome, there was tons of smoke from the smoke machine, and all of my friends went all out with their costumes! It was a great night!
Beautiful Ballerinas
Edgar Allan Poe, Wicked Witch, Gypsy, and Catholic School Girl

At about Midnight, my sweet boyfriend thought I should go and try to enter a costume contest. So a few of us went to my neighborhood bar, The 18th Amendment. Sure enough they had a costume contest....and I won!!! The prize was great too...100 dollars! 
Celebratory drink...I drank everything that night with a straw because my nose would get in the way...I even played flip cup like that!
Scared of his witchy lady!

The next morning Josh and I were pretty lazy and ordered in food. When he went to work, I also left to go on my 16 mile run that had been missed the day before because of the weather. Sunday was gorgeous in DC, and it made my run much more enjoyable. After my run, I did a few things around the house and ate dinner. When Josh was finished with work, he came over for a cupcake tasting. Our neighbors felt bad for keeping us up all night on Friday so they dropped these lil gems off on Saturday to apologize!
Good but not as good as Georgetown...however I will always forgive you if you give me sweets!!!

The weekend was a lot of fun, and last night was great as well. Josh made some excellent chicken fried venison while Alycyn and I handed out candy to all of our trick-or-treaters. Lanie also stopped by on her way home which added to the fun and made for an exceptional night!

Now the big question is:
What will I be next year?

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