Thursday, November 17, 2011

Oatmeal, Miss Piggy, and TWILIGHT!!!!

I used to despise breakfast when I was little. I didn't like eggs, I would not drink milk, and I hated, hAtEd, HATED oatmeal. People close to me know that I absolutely CAN'T STAND instant mashed potatoes. Well back in the day, oatmeal was a close second. However, as I got older, I slowly started to love breakfast, and it is now one of my favorite meals! Recently, I have also started loving oatmeal. I realized that what I didn't like about it in the past was the texture...runny...soupy...snotty...GROSS. Little did I know that when oatmeal is thick and creamy it is delicious and filling! I can't get enough of is so satisfying and tasty. Below is my recipe for the perfect, thick, and tasty oatmeal. It tastes like warn banana bread fresh out of the oven:

In a pot add 2/3 cup milk and 1/3 cup water. Turn burner to medium high heat and add a good sprinkle of cinnamon and about 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. Bring the liquid to boil.

Add 3/4 cup of Old Fashioned Oats to the boiling milk/water mixture. Reduce heat to medium.

As the oatmeal cooks add half of a mashed up, VERY ripe banana.

After about 8 minutes (and when most of the liquid, if not all, is cooked down) remove pot from heat and place oatmeal in your favorite bowl. Add a few blueberries or sprinkle with some more brown sugar and enjoy.
 This breakfast is so filling. Most of the time when I just eat cold cereal for breakfast I am hungry again an hour later...with oatmeal that is not the case. I stay full and satisfied until lunch!

The Muppets were on Good Morning America this morning. Did anyone else see them? I loved them all...especially Miss Piggy! Her style is awesome and I want to be friends with her. She kind of reminds me of myself with a snout. She loves her Kermy...but when he makes her mad she "HIIIGHYAs" him. Haha!
 Here is the link to part of the show this morning...check out Miss Piggy's purple trench...I really want one. MISS PIGGY TRENCH!!!!!

Finally it is time for what I am thankful for!
November 17: I am thankful that 12:01am...I will be at...the movie theater...watching...TWILIGHT!!!!! It is is finally here.

A few of my friends and I bought our tickets a while back, and we have been counting down the days. Since the movie starts way past my bed time I plan to go to the movies in my jammies! 

Now I have read the books (SPOILER ALERT), and I know that Bella ends up with dopey Edward and blah blah blah. And while I am still excited to go see the movie, I am sort of hoping that maybe Hollywood sees what I see and realizes that CLEARLY Jacob is the better choice...and maybe...the writers rewrote the whole story...with Jacob as the leading love interest! Yes Please!

Here are my Top Ten Reasons why Jacob is SO much better than Loser Edward:

I am hotter than Edward.

10. Edward is he probably has dragon breath that smells like rotting deer. Jacob is a real live human...enough said.

9. Edward is a psycho path...he is always convulsing when Bella is around and looks like he wants to eat her. Jacob is the boy next door...charming, fun, and has rippling abs.

8. JACOB has a hot body...Edward is all puny with weird chest hair and hairy nipples...blah.

7. I love food. Bella loves food. Jacob loves food. Edward likes blood. No going out for queso with him...Loser.

6. Edward is a whiny biyatch. Jacob rides dirt bikes and jumps off cliffs. He is a man.

5. When in the sun, Edward looks like a glittery weirdo. When Jacob is in the sun, he gets sweaty and has to take off his shirt...abs.

4. Edward has no friends...he just hangs out with his family...I think that proves that he is antisocial and CRAZY. Jacob has tons of friends....all who run around in jorts and no shirts. Yes please.

3. Edward is freaking old. When Bella was born he was already like about creeper...get someone your own Betty White. Actually, I love her. So stay away you maniac!

2. Edward is FREAKING COLD. Yuck..I dont want to snuggle with a block of ice. Jacob is warm and cuddly...and in a snow storm he can protect you from hypothermia...Edward would just kill you faster.

1. Edward sucks. He is cold, dead, and a WEIRDO! If you poured hot queso on him it would freeze, you wouldn't be able to lick it off, and he would probably throw up deer blood because food grosses him out. If you pour hot queso on Jacob, it would stay hot, you can both enjoy it together, and then go out for margaritas later.

Happy Twilight DAY!!!!!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA, i am dying... too funny. although i 100 disagree with you, i respect your hilarious reasons. TEAM EDWARD FO LYFE!

  2. I just died laughing at this! Too funny. I totes agree about Edward vs. Jacob, though! Edward was TOO perfect in the books and Jacob was real. He had flaws. I don't want someone that's perfect. Makes me feel stupid. Feel free to add that to your list, haha

  3. I'm with Lauren. Even as the loyal opposition, I loved the well thought out reasons. I still think EDWARD is the best, but i can't seem to think of any reasons why Jacob is bad...

  4. I 100000000% AGREE! You are hilarious.

  5. HAHAHA oh my goodness, this post made me laugh so so hard! Even though I do love Edward, I love Jacob as well and this may have made me love him a bit more :)