Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!

 Today is my birthday...last night I went to sleep 26 and woke up this morning 27. I do not know if late twenties brings with it a roller coaster of emotions...but let me tell you...I have been riding that crazy train A LOT lately. This morning was no different...I was on a high...I was on a low...then I was on a high again. I have told myself NO MORE!

I am so thankful for all of the blessings I have in my life...there is no need for all of these low points. I have always prided myself in being a positive, upbeat person...so I am jumping off this bumpy ride STAT! I am pulling a Kate Winslet from "The Holiday"...slappping my face...breathing some fresh air and being thankful. Bring it on 27, I am ready for you.

This is going to be a great year...and when ever life gives me a lemon or a rotten egg...I am going to give it right back...just like the card Kate gave me this morning said...if you want to give me a blemish well then "butter my butt and call me a biscuit!"
This is the cute card Kate made me for my birthday. It has a girl on the front that just burned her biscuits and says "It's your birthday? Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!" Haha it has made me laugh all day. Kate is super crafty and makes all sorts of gorgeous crafts!

 My morning started off great. I woke up and Josh and Alycyn both had my gifts waiting in the living room. I got a beautiful white coat that I had been wanting from my handsome man and two books from my sweet roommate. On the way to work, I had a small low point, but I quickly realized I needed to snap out of it. Not only is it my birthday, but so many great things are happening for me and I am surrounded by people I love and who love me!

The second I walked into the office, my coworkers all wished me a Happy Birthday! Kate gave me my cute card, and Kelly from the office next door brought me a fruity Cabernet, my favorite...she knows me so well! At about noon, I was surprised with not one, but TWO boxes of Georgetown Cupcakes...one box was from my office and after a bit of confusion we realized the other box was from my sweet/handsome man, Josh!
My yummy cupcakes! I am willing to wait in line for HOURS to get these...so it was an extra treat having them delivered!

 My office also sent me flowers...I am definitely feeling loved and appreciated today!

Later my lovely friend Beth brought me a Botatog Bog! It is an amazing donut and my old intern, JD, brought me some candy...I am now on a sugar high and happy.

Josh and I are going to celebrate tonight by eating Meatloaf Sandwiches and drinking the yummy wine Kelly gave me. It is going to be the perfect eventing since it is NASTY here in DC...lots of rain. On Friday, Josh is taking me to a fancy restaraunt in DC...and I am excited. He spoils me that one!

I am a bit behind because of my Momma's visit to DC on keeping track of my daily thanksgivings...but I am about to get up-to-date now. Before I do that...here is a sneak peak to my extensive blog about my Momma's visit!

Thankful for...
November 23: I am thankful that my Momma arrived safely and that my sweet boyfriend was able to take me to the airport so I could meet her at baggage claim!

November 24 (Thanksgiving Day): I am so thankful that I have made such an amazing group of friends in DC. We all got together, shared an amazing meal, and counted our blessings together. I am truly blessed in the friendships I keep. I am also so thankful that I was able to share my first Thanksgiving with my Momma in over 5 years!

November 25: I am thankful that my Momma and I made it safely to NYC!

November 26: I am thankful that the cell phone was created. It is through technology that even on days that I am homesick or sad, I can still connect with my loved ones and feel like they are right there with me!

November 27th: I am thankful that I have a boyfriend that helps me be better person everyday, and I know that God gave me a priceless gift by bringing him into my life.

November 28: I am thankful that even though my mom headed back to Texas today I get to see her again in just 12 days when I go to Texas to run my marathon!

November 29: I am thankful that God gave me the blessing of life on this day, twenty-seven years ago. Although we do not always understand HIS plan, I trust him fully and love him unconditionally. I am also so thankful for all of the many well wishes and birthday greetings my friends, family, and coworkers have all bestowed upon me. It has been a magical day.

Thank you so much to everyone who has made this day so special. 

What are you thankful for?

Do you ever have days when you need a swift kick in the pants to get out of funk?


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