Friday, November 4, 2011

Congrats Kate and Thankful for November

 A week from today, on 11-11-11, my co-worker Kate will be getting married in the US Virgin Islands. Two weeks ago we went out to celebrate this joyous occasion...Bachelorette Party style! We started off the night at Kate's friend Kat's (that is a lot of possessive nouns) house.
The Blushing Bride

 After several glasses of champagne we strolled over to Proof for some great wine, delicious food, and fun conversations!
More Vino Please
Looking seductive

By the time we finished dinner it was already close to Midnight and I was definitely feeling a bit tipsy...but the good times just kept on coming with more drinks and fun at Sax!

 We kept going until way past 3am, and I spent the rest of the weekend recovering...I do not bounce back quite as quickly as I used to. However, the night was well worth the heartburn and headaches, and I wish this lovely lady and her beau many years of love and happiness!!! Cheers to Kate!
"Yee-haw! I'm getting married!"

Recently on Facebook I have noticed something....on each day of November people are posting something they are thankful for as their status. I LOVE THIS! 

Daily I am reminded just how blessed I am. I especially want to remember these blessing on days when I am down or sad and focus on the positive people and things that are in my life. So for the next month I am going to post one thing I am thankful for everyday...since I am a bit behind (today is Nov 4th) and I know I will not have a chance to post this weekend (it is crazy busy), I am giving thanks 6 times today! (Warning: The first four are pretty cheesy...but they are truly how I feel....and I can be a cheesy/mushy person.)

November 1: I am thankful for the love of my life, Josh. Not only is he the cutest man alive, but he is also the sweetest, funniest, and most thoughtful person I know...he also makes one mean steak! I love him more and more each and every day, and I look forward to many more adventures together!
My handsome man!

 November 2: I am thankful for my amazing parents. They have shown me the value of unconditional love, and they've encouraged me to follow my dreams and goals. Whether it was at a high school track meet or sitting through a 5 hour long music recital (they learned to start sneaking in wine), they have always supported me wholeheartedly. I love them so much!
My BEST FRIEND, my closest confidant, and my soul mate. She is the main reason I created this blog, and I am looking forward to her Thanksgiving visit and will share all of our stories. She is gorgeous, fun, and always completely honest with me. I love her greatly!
My DADDY! My daddy is one of the smartest men I know, and he is the reason I attended Texas A&M, the school we both love. Because of him I have always been able to shoot for the stars, and he is the man who taught me how to hunt. Linda taught me how to ride horses and to tumble in the living room. I love them both so much!

 November 3: I am thankful for all of my family...each and every member is a true blessing in my life. Although I see some more than others, I value every one of my family members and our relationships!
My Nene! The best/hottest Grandmother she is damn fun to be around!
My sister, Samantha! When I was 8 years old, I was blessed to get a 6-year-old sister. We have had normal sister issues (taking clothes, following me around at school...haha), but we have always had an amazing bond. She is one of my best friends, and she is one of the greatest gifts God ever gave me. She is beautiful on the inside and out, and I love her!
My cousin Celeste!!! Celeste has always been more than a cousin to me. She is a sister and a best friend. I am so thankful that we had two years in DC together, and I am so excited for all of the new things that are happening in her life! She is getting married to a wonderful man, and I wish her all of the happiness in the world!

 November 4: I am thankful for my friends. I have always been blessed to have amazing girl friends. My high school friends and I are still close, and they were constantly there for me during many bumps in the road. My college friends are a blast, and I look forward to all of the fun we will continue to have together throughout the years. My DC friends are loyal and incredible, and I know we will all stay friends for life!

 November 5: I am thankful that this past August I was able to travel to Europe for the first time! I plan to have many more trips in the future!

 November 6: I am thankful that my BFFSM was born on this day 27 years ago and that we get to celebrate her birthday all weekend! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANIE!

Writing down what you are thankful for puts a lot of things in perspective and it helps me stop and appreciate the things that truly matter in life...including the little things like sour patch kids...I will always be thankful for those!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and here is a cute lil video to put you in a positive mood while you wait for the clock to hit 5pm. I am going to start doing this every morning:


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