Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Annapolis, Chipotle, 20 mile run, and My Mommasita!

 On Friday the girls and I headed up to Annapolis for a quick girls night. While Alycyn checked us into our cute hotel, I decided to catch up on a few phone calls.
"I don't know what you are talking about..."
"Hahahahahaha...oh I DO know what you are talking about"

After getting settled into our adorable room, we walked over to our favorite neighborhood bar, Stan Joes, for a few drinks before dinner. 
Great Friends

After a few rounds at Stan Joes we had a 4 course dinner at Luna Blue, a very yummy Italian restaraunt that was across the street. We stuffed ourselves with baked brie, pasta, risotto, and tons of desert. It was delightful. Although we were all fuller than Santa Claus, Emily successfully convinced us to go have one more drink at the Irish pub around the corner from our hotel. One drink turned into a few more because of an awesome ONE MAN BAND! He even let me sing with him. We had a blast.

The next morning we walked around Annapolis for a bit, and then made our way to Cantler's for some delectable seafood. By the time we finished lunch we were all EXHAUSTED....we do not bounce back like we used to...or at least I don't. So we made our way back to the District. 

When we got home, JM picked me up and we ran some errands. I finally bought myself a fuel belt for running and then we stopped at Chipotle for dinner.
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At about 10:30am Sunday, I headed out the door for my big 20 mile run. I had mapped out a route on Friday and planned to run from JM's house, through Old Town Alexandria, out to Mount Vernon, and back 4 more miles. I started out feeling great, but then I realized that I had bought my fuel belt way too big. After tying it around my waste, I finally got it in a comfortable position but I still wasn't comfortable...it was unseasonable hot...which is probably good for my training since my race is in South Texas. Miles 1-10 felt pretty good other than a small moment when I got lost in Old Town. Miles 10-16 were the point where I started making my way towards Mount Vernon, and the trail ended up being VERY hilly. Again this was good for training, but made me get really tired. By mile 16 and the point where I was suppose to turn around, I WAS EXHAUSTED. I called JM since he was picking me up at mile 20 and told him I didn't think I could make it. He encouraged and told me I could do it (he is such a great cheerleader). So I ate some sports beans, drank some water, and started my last four miles. It was painful, but I did it...and man was I glad when I was finished.

Now I just have to get through that 26.2 part!
Love this...found it here: Funny Pic

 The rest of my evening was spent recovering. All in all, it was a FANTASTIC WEEKEND!!!!

But here is the most exciting part of the day....MY MOMMA GETS HERE!!! In about one hour I will be picking her up from the airport and I am so excited!

We have lots of fun things planned for the 6 days that she is here, and I will be blogging about all of them! I love you Mommasita!!!

November 18: I am thankful for a spontuous girls trip with my friends. I am so thankful to have them all in my life, and we had a blast.

November 19: I am thankful for Chipotle...which is my favorite fast food restarurant!

November 20: I am thankful that I survived my 20 mile run. It was painful, but I now feel confident that I will be successful in my marathon!

November 21: I am thankful that I got to workout yesterday...even though the gym was more crowded than New Year's Day or before Spring Break....people were getting ready for Turkey Day.

November 22: I am so thankful that my beautiful Momma arrives today. We are going to have so much fun, and I cannot wait to spend the next 6 days with my best friend!

What are you thankful for this week?

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