Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Weekend and Giveaway WINNER!!!!!

Like any average twenty something, I live for the weekend. I can't help it! I just love them.

The weekend started Friday when Josh and I went to dinner at Ba Bay. Josh and I LOVE Pho! We normally go to this little hole in the wall place near his house called "Pho Golden Cow." Do not let the name or atmosphere scare you! It is the best pho we have found. Because we did not want to venture out of the city, we decided to just go to my little neighborhood joint. It was good, but PGC is way better (and cheaper.) I also had anxiety the whole time because we were the only people in the restaurant, and I felt bad for the owner. Luckily it filled up before we left, and we had a great time. The food is really great there too...I just love me some Golden Cow.

After dinner Josh dropped me off at my house. I wanted to go to bed early because I was going to get up for a 10 mile run the next morning. I am training for a Marathon that takes place in December (more posts to come) and going to bed early on Friday nights really helps me get up and out the door early on Saturdays.

After a good nights sleep, I woke up at about 7am and had a small breakfast. I have found that if I do not eat something before my long runs then I won't make it till the end. The weather was cold and rainy, but I was determined to get my run in so I headed on out the door at 8am. I ran from my house to Josh's house in Shirlington, ten miles exactly. Despite the cold and the rain, it was a great run and I made it to his house by 9:40am. After a warm shower and dawning my Aggie jersey, I was ready for a hot cup of Coffee and GAME DAY!
Warm and Cozy after my run
 The Aggie game was an early one with a 12:00pm kickoff. So we decided to have a brunch themed watch party with Bloody Marys, Mimosa, Doughnuts, and Breakfast Tacos.
Bloody Mary Bar
My "contribution"
Amazing breakfast taco casserole that we put in flour tortillas. AMAZING! Did I say that twice? Amazing!
Cast Iron Skillet Potatoes
Our Fantastic Taco Chefs
 Sadly, the game did not end as we would have liked it to, but the food was still delectable. After the game, Alycyn and I caught up on a bit of television. My handsome boyfriend was feeling a bit under the weather (and not just because of the Aggie loss) and took a lil siesta, but by 6PM I was STARVING, so we headed to our favorite Mexican place El Paso Cafe. We stuffed our faces with queso, enchiladas, chili rellenos, and margaritas. It was the perfect way to brighten our spirits after the Aggie disaster. Since Josh was still not feeling his best, we went back to his place to take it easy. Josh had the movie "The Beaver" with Mel Gibson from Netflix. Lets just say I chose to go to bed before finishing it.

The next morning we had some leftover breakfast tacos, and then Josh took me to Pacers, a running store, to pick out some new shoes and a Fuel Belt. A fuel belt is for long distance running and holds gels, water, and has a small pocket for a phone or credit card. Unfortunately, the store did not have a belt in my size, but I did pick up some new shoes, a new headband, and Josh bought me a training watch!
My new Mizuno running shoes. This is my 3rd pair of Mizunos. So far they have been the best shoe for me. They are comfortable, light, and give me a lot of support for long distance runs.

My new watch from Senor Maxwell!

 After our shopping adventure, I dropped JM off to rest and went grocery shopping. After picking up some Peanut Butter M&Ms for the Giveaway, I baked up some of these delightful goodies. I used a normal chocolate chip cookie recipe and replaced the chips with the M&Ms. DELICIOUS! 
I could not stop eating the batter!
 Later that afternoon when Josh was feeling better, we met Aly down at the movies to see "Midnight in Paris." I LOVED this movie. Owen Wilson's character was so lovable, and the scenery was gorgeous. I definitely think it is a must see!
I loved seeing all of the things that I had just visited!
 After the movie, Aly and I went home and watched some old episodes of "Say Yes To The Dress." Other than the thing that we shall not name again (hint it involves football), the weekend was a lot of fun and really enjoyable.

Now on to the part that you have ALL been waiting for...the announcement of the BIG Giveaway Winner!!! We had 5 people enter the contest, and no, I will not be dying my hair...FOR NOW.

I used a very high tech and scientific way to determine the winner:

First, I wrote each person's name on a Post It.

 Then, I folded each one up and placed it in a paper cup.

 I then shook the cup up.

Then my friend Victoria picked one piece of paper out of the cup, and the WINNER IS....


YAY Alisa! Since your boyfriend lives with my boyfriend, I will deliver your prize (featured below) sometime this week to their place! Thank you for entering! Love ya Pretty Lady!

Thank you to all who entered and better luck next time to the four who did not win.

SPECIAL NOTE: In future, everyone should enter my contest. 

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!! Love ya Bunches!


  1. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss! The last thing I won was a coloring contest when I was like 5. Will the M&Ms be surrounded by cookies?? Those were soooo yummy. I ate like 6. No lie.

  2. So jealous! Maybe you save them for our PLL marathon?