Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Eurotrip Day 6: The Grand Finale

 Day 6, our final day in Europe, started bright an early (as usual). Beth, Aly and I wanted to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower, and we knew we needed to get there as early as possible to ensure that we would not have to wait in a crazy long line. We arrived at about 8:30am and it was FREEZING, but sunny and beautiful.
Excited to go to the top and that we beat the line
 After waiting in line for about an hour and being accosted about 50,000 times to buy miniature Eiffel towers, we made it to the top of the Tower. It was and amazing view, but it was at the top that I discovered I have a severe fear of heights.
Terrified...look at that grip
Beautiful Views
So far from DC!
 After walking around the top for a bit and almost passing out from fear twice, we headed back down to the middle level to buy some postcards and write notes to our loved ones.
"Dear Josh....I am scared of heights"
 Time was not our friend and before we knew it we were already late to meet Gentle Beth for lunch. So we hightailed back to the subway, but I caught a pic or two or 100 along the way.
Sooooo tall!
Pretty Ladies on a Beautiful Day!
 After another yummy lunch at Parisian cafe that reminded me of an episode of the Jersey Shore, it was sadly time to pick up our stuff and head to the train station. We grabbed some snacks, waited for the train, heard a lady yell she had to take "a quick squirt", boarded the train, departed for London, and took a nap. 

We arrived in London at about 5PM and met back up with London Beth for some dinner and drinks on our last night in town.
Riding to dinner on a London Double Decker Bus
Yummy Asian Dinner with Great Friends...please look at the waiter in the background.
 From dinner we headed over to London Bridge for a night cap and to toast the end of our amazing trip! It truly was magical and could not have been more fun or spontaneous!
"London Bridge is Falling Down! Falling Down! Falling Down!"
 Day 7 of our trip involved spending lots of money in the Duty Free section of the airport and heading back to the States. We did have a very nice cab driver who invited us to go to his daughter's birthday party, but we all opted for a laid back night of thai food in our own homes. 

I definitely want to go back to Europe, and I 100% want to travel with Aly, Beth, and GentleBeth again soon. They are great friends and each and every one of them is so fun to be around. The trip could not have been better, and I am so thankful that my first trip to Europe was such a fantastic experience. Thank you friends! 

Finally, today is the one and only Beth Breeding's Birthday. Beth and I met when I was her boss, aka her Intern Coordinator. Haha! We have been inseparable ever since, and I love her more and more each day. She is funny, smart, super sweet, gorgeous, and probably the cleverest person in the world...she will also kick your arse in Jeopardy. I love you Beth! Thank you for being such a great friend.

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