Friday, September 9, 2011

Eurotrip Day 4: "De hoooorrs"

 A short nights sleep and a quick train ride later, we arrived in Paris on Day 4 of our Eurotrip. After dropping off our bags at the budget hotel (aka Absolut Hostel) we made our way over to Saint Michel to find a place to stop for lunch.
Best French Onion Soup EVERRRRRR! So much cheese!

  After a quick lunch, we walked around the area.
Notre Dame de Paris
La Sainte-Chappelle

Beautiful stained glass

Family Portrait=No Sleep + No Makeup

We soon realized we were we decided to head back to Absolut to check in and take a quick siesta...
We did not have a safe in the Beth kept her valuables close to her!
 ...and happy hour...

We freshened up and headed right back out the door. Our first stop was this delectable bakery. 
Best Croissants of the Trip

After picking up some yummy treats we headed over to the Pompidou (the Paris Modern Art Museum) for a pre-dinner picnic.



 From there we walked to Saint Germain very late dinner. During our first bottle of wine, we met the charming waiter David...who invited us to a party later that evening. We trusted him because not only did he break up a fight, but he was cute!
Pretty Alycyn and Pretty GentleBeth

After two bottles of wine at David's establishment we found a new cafe for a late dinner. This is where I learned how to say outdoors in French..."De hors"...however in order to learn this I practically got eaten by a young Parisian man. He wanted me to know that you really have to enunciate the O sound in De hors. He illustrated this by coming at me with his mouth open as wide as a bass fish! Needless to say, it made for lots of laughter and jokes later. 
Happy after lots of wine and fun!
After another fabulous dinner, we went on the search for David's party. We walked around for like an hour, but sadly we could not find it. So we headed on back to Absolut where I had my best nights sleep on the trip so far.

Day 4 was full of wine, laughter, and excellent company! Success yet again!

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