Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eurotrip Day 2: "That's sooooo Giles"

Day two started very early....by early I mean we did not sleep. Our room in the Gravitron (the nickname we gave our hostel) was right next to a Steam pipe...so not only did it feel like a sauna in there but it was also right next to the "club" and kitchen...so it was incredibly loud. All of this equaled out to a not very restful nights sleep. However on the bright side there was a lot of laughter, and we were out the door and ready to tour the streets of London ahead of schedule.

After a quick cup of coffee, we headed straight to Buckingham Palace to see if we could get tickets to see Kate Middleton's wedding dress. All of the advanced tickets were sold out and we were advised to be the first people in line the next day to insure that we would get a ticket. Right then and there we made the decision to arrive at the palace no later than 7am the next morning.

From the palace we made our way up towards the meeting spot for our free walking tour. We took full advantage of Free Walking tours in both London and Paris. They were two of my favorite things we did on our trip, and I highly suggest them. You see most of the major landmarks and it helps you figure out what you want to see in greater depth. Click here to learn more about the tour company we used: CLICK ME!!!
The Guards on their way to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard Ceremony.

While waiting for our walking tour to start we noticed these brightly dressed tourists...we couldn't resist getting a pic!

Here is Giles our tour guide in front of the Castle that Anne Boleyn lived in with Henry the XIII, before he chopped off her head of course. Giles was so cute and personable...and I think he liked our group the best. He took us all through the city. We stopped at places like Parliament, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey just to name a few.

Oh Giles! You are such a character!

After our walking tour we were very hungry and thirsty, so we headed up to Notting Hill for some refreshments!

After lunch we walked around a bit. Notting Hill is so precious with tons of lil shops. We even found the Travel Bookshop from the movie Notting Hill!

After walking around a bit more, we decided it was time for a spot of tea...so off to Harrods we went! The High Tea was so funny and extravagant...and I was extremely stuffed at the end.

After tea we headed back to the Gravitron for a quick costume change and then took the Tube to Piccadilly Circus! This is like the Times Square of London. After a round of drinks at a cute little bistro...we headed to the main event...the place we had been waiting to go to all day...

....THE ICE BAR!!!!!

The Ice Bar is freezing cold and you have to wear a parka just to survive the elements. All drinks are served in blocks of ice, and you are only allowed to stay in the bar for 40 minutes...however most people jump ship before then. We were champs of the Ice Bar and were able to survive the cold for the whole time.

DAY 2 was definitely a success!

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