Friday, September 2, 2011

Eurotrip Day 1: "A Quick Squirt"

A few weeks ago three of my best friends and I embarked on a week long trip to Europe. We were headed to England first for about three days, then we were venturing on to Paris, and finally coming back to London for one more night. I had never been to Europe so I was very excited. I packed very carefully...ready for any type of adventure..and boy did we have an adventure.

It all started on a Tuesday Evening. We were dropped off at Dulles Airport by my handsome boyfriend and he took this quick shot of us. After a bit of confusion involving Turkish Airlines, several turbans, United Airlines, and some sketchy black phones, we were all checked in. We boarded our plane, and I slept the entire night.

We landed at about 10:00am London time and immediately hopped on The Tube.

We were starving by the time we made it to Russell Square, which is the area of London we were staying like any normal girls, we made a bee-line for the first pub we saw and enjoyed some local pub food. Alycyn and I shared this classic: smashed peas, mashed potatoes, and 4-mini meat pies!

After checking in, we scoped our awesome digs and had a quick costume change. Then were back out the door and ready to discover the city of London!

But first a quick phone call home to let everyone know I made it safely!

Our first stop was Covent Garden which is famous for food, shops, street performers, and the Royal Opera House. After walking around a bit, we stopped for a macaroon at Laduree...this handsome, young chap helped us pick the perfect flavors.

After our snack, we continued exploring Covent Garden. We had a Will and Kate sighting...

...and watched a tight rope walker!

However, all of that walking made us we stopped for a Caffrey's...which is Josh Maxwell's favorite beer!

After our quick refreshment, we realized that it was time to go meet our friend Beth KY. So we immediately high tailed it to the Cittie of Yorke, a pub that claims to be one of the oldest in Great Britain. It did not disappoint! Not only was their beer my FAVORITE, but the place had an amazing history and rustic

...the company was by far OUTSTANDING!

After a few rounds, we were starving. So we found an amazing Italian place that served the LARGEST CALZONES in the world!

After saying goodbye to Beth KY, we decided we were ready to party in our Hostel so we headed to the Generator Bar. Sadly it was lacking in people...we were the only ones there! So we decided to go ahead and hit the hay since we had an early morning and busy day of sightseeing ahead of us!

But first we got these awesome stamps!

That is the end of Day 1! We had a blast and everyday just got better and better.

I am sure you are wondering what the title of this post means. Well it actually is from Day 6...but I couldn't wait to post it. While waiting at the train station in Paris, this English lady walked by us in the terminal. As she walked into the "loo" she yelled to her husband "Just going to take a quick squirt!" We died laughing...and it is by far one of my favorite lines of the trip!

Have a Happy and Safe Labor Day Everyone!

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