Monday, March 14, 2011

Congressional Hockey Game

Last Thursday I attended the Congressional Hockey Game. It was held at the Verizon Center and all of the proceeds went to the Dupont Hockey Program. The game consisted of two teams: the Lawmakers vs. the Lobbyists. I cheered for Team Lawmakers...not only because one of my coworkers was on it, but also because I like to think of us (the Lawmakers) as the people working for the greater good. Plus Team Lawmakers had several Members of Congress playing, including Senator John Kerry who is 67! Talk about impressive. Both teams did a great job, but sadly the Lobbyists pulled it out in the end. Here are a few shots I took throughout the evening:

Here are the "Lawmakers" during the opening ceremony.

After the first two minutes, my coworkers and I switched from the 2nd row to about the 20th row. We could not see very well when we were in the 2nd row, but then my pictures did not turn out well from the 20th row. So I focused on pictures with the mascots:

This cat came up from behind and scared me...oh those silly mascots!

Happy Monday!

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