Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I love to workout. I love the sweet euphoria it gives me. Cardio is my favorite, and I could spend countless hours on the elliptical, treadmill, or stair master. However, as much as I love to get my heart pumping, I hate stretching and cooling down. I usually just walk out of the gym the second I am finished with cardio or weights...no touching my toes...no calf stretches....NOTHING. As a result, the flexibility I used to have when I was a cheerleader and dancer has vanished, and by vanished, I mean it is non-existent. I can't even touch my toes! EEK!

Yoga is all the rage now with celebrities (can you say Madonna) as well as famous exercise programs like P-90X. So as an attempt to fix this problem I have started to attend the weekend yoga class at my gym.

It is an hour and a half long, and I am by far the WORST PERSON in it! On my first day in the class I was really excited. I showed up, got my cute purple mat, and sat crossed legged with anticipation. Everyone around me was already deep in concentration so I started some deep breathing myself. The instructor arrived and we began. I have never before thought I had ADD until I attended yoga. The first thing our instructor told us was to clear our minds. Immediately 50,000 thoughts filled my head; "what shall I have for lunch? I wonder if my dry cleaning is ready. Did I lock the front door?"

After 30 minutes of simple stretches and poses I got a false sense of accomplishment. "I can do this!" I thought to myself. That was when the instructor asked us to place our knees on top of our elbows and balance. Things went immediately down hill. I fell face first into my mat. "Be careful" exclaimed the yoga pro next to me as I giggled. "Oy!" I thought. "Can't a first timer catch a break?"

For the next hour I constantly kept checking the clock to see if it was time to go. At one point the instructor told me to stop looking around. "It is dangerous!" she scolded. It happened to coincide with when I was trying to touch my toes behind my head...trying is the word I would like emphasize. Finally, the instructor ended the class with some chanting, and I ran out the door. "Yoga is not my thing" I thought. However, the next day I was a bit sore and I could tell that my muscles felt a bit looser. Since then, I have committed to going once a week. I am now up to two classes...haha! See how I stick with my goals! I was still just as bad as the first time, but I did get the chanting down perfectly.

I will keep you all updated on my improvement in the class. Hopefully in a few months I will be able to do this:

Happy February 1st!
Olivia aka Yoga Guru


  1. Try pilates! It's faster pace with the same core strengthening as yoga.

  2. Hahahaha - you're just like I used to be. Remember at the rec?

    Instructor: "Now put your legs out infront of you and touch your toes..." as she stares straight at me "...touch your toes!"

    That was embarrassing. But I've been doing yoga for a few months now and I can go PAST my toes now! Yippie!!! stick with it! It works!