Monday, February 7, 2011

Whip It

A few months ago, after much complaining by me, Josh and I watch the movie "Whip It" which is about a teenage girl who gets involved with Texas Roller Derby. Yet again (this happens a lot) Josh picked a movie I loved. I instantly wanted to become a Roller Derby Girl. (This also happens a lot...I watch a movie and then want to do whatever the lead character does. For example: I watched Coyote Ugly and wanted to be a bartender. I watched Secretariat and wanted to raise race horses.)
I highly suggest this movie!

Since that day I have been wanting to watch some Roller Derby action live! This weekend I finally had that opportunity. On Friday, my fabulous boyfriend let me know that the DC Roller Girls were having a Double Header showdown. We immediately made plans to attend the next day. Doors opened at 3pm and we arrived at the stadium at 2:55 sharp. It was already a mad house. The DC Roller Girls have huge following and with a concession stand, Jumbo beers, and a bake sale it was also a culinary dream!
After a purchase of 2 jumbo beers and a blueberry muffin (baked by "Chinese Checker," a member of the DC Roller girls), Josh and I took our seats. The first match was the DC-All Stars vs. The Dutchland Rollers. Although it took us the first match to actually somewhat understand the rules, Josh and I were instantly hooked. We cheered with the crown and rooted for our home team. Not only is Roller Derby full of action and excitement, the uniforms of the players are awesome and so are their names. Some of my favorites were:
  • Condolezza Slice
  • Treasure Chest (she had been blessed with a very ample bosom)
  • Skid Ho
  • Obitchuary
  • Hoovah Dayum
Sadly, the DC-All Stars were defeated in the final minutes, but they put up a great fight. After a very entertaining half time show put on by the Fairfax County Circus Club (I cannot put into words what this was like...think 2nd graders juggling and on unicycles), it was time for the next match featuring the Cherry Blossom Bombshells vs. the DC Demoncats. Josh and I left before the end of their game (a few too many libations), but it was clear that the DC Demoncats had the advantage.

In conclusion, Roller Derby is AMAZING, and I will be attending the next event here in DC in March. I suggest that everyone get online and research their local derby girls and experience the live action themselves!

Sincerely your wanna be "Jammer" (learning the Roller Derby Lingo),
Olivia aka "Foul Furious"*
*Foul Furious is my roller derby name. It is a derivative of Falfurrias, my hometown, and it is fitting because I am tough and will take those girls down. BUYAAAA!

For more information on the DC Roller Girls visit their website:


  1. I loved Whip It! Ellen Page can do no wrong in my eyes, haha! Sounds like a fun day!

  2. I loved that movie too - it started my epic journey of trying to become a derby girl here in Oz. Roller Derby has been a positive force in so many women's lives - whether as a player, official or spectator. Welcome to the fun!

  3. I love it! I've always wanted to go to a Roller Derby! Playing would be another thing...not so sure the mental toughness actually comes out in my physical ability..

  4. Too funny! Love your Derby name. :)