Monday, February 28, 2011

My New Bag

Yesterday I got a new workout bag, and I already love it. Not only is it super light and durable, but it is also pretty dang cute. I highly suggest it to anyone who loves to workout and carries a ton of bricks with her to work on days she is working out in the evening. It has three compartments: two on each side separated by a waterproof barrier as well as another smaller compartment for keys, jewelry, cell phone, etc. I sweat like a beast when I am at the gym, and I hate mixing my sweaty clothes with my clean clothes when I am finished. Thus this bag is the perfect problem solver. I can put my clean clothes, gloves, socks, etc. in one compartment and my nasty, grody, sweat infused stuff in another. NO CONTAMINATION!Finally it has a secret storage spot for a quick cell phone stash, and a chord to hold on to your yoga mat (much to my dismay...I don't think I will be utilizing this feature very much. I am still not a very disciplined Yogi.)

In conclusion, if you are looking into investing in a new gym bag then this is it!
The Nike Sami 3.0 Large Club Bag

You will not be disappointed!

Thank you to my wonderful and very handsome boyfriend who gave me this awesome accessory!

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