Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Thief

When I was younger I was boy crazy. I flirted, smiled, and kissed little boys on the cheeks to get their attention. I also stole something to get my object of affection's love.

When I was in 2nd Grade I was in LOOOOVE with my best friend Denise's brother. His name was Michael, and he was older, wiser, and much taller. One day Denise and Micheal's mom took us to Winn's (which is similar to a Dollar Store.) It was going out of business so EVERYTHING was on sale....even the candy. You could get 10 items for a dollar. While we were in the checkout line Michael whispered to me "Take some of that candy." I had never stolen anything in my life, but I wanted him to think I was cool and like I stuck some gummy bears in my pockets. He smiled at me, and my heart melted.
As we drove off in the car, Michael and I started eating our stash of candy. (Why we didn't wait till we were safely by ourselves I will never know.) I was in the back seat with him, and Denise was in the front. I was staring at Michael lovingly, feeling very proud and cool when his mom turned around and saw what we had. "Where did ya'll get that?" she asked us. I immediately turned bright red which always gives me away as someone that did something wrong. We both were silent. "Did ya'll take that from the store? Do you want me to take ya'll back there and turn you in?" she asked us. "No no no!" we exclaimed!

Luckily for us I think Mrs. Hornsby was ready to get home. So she did not turn us in. However, we did have to do several chores when we got back to their house. Since that day I have never stolen anything again. However, I did keep doing crazy things for love.

I am a romantic...what can I say!


  1. Oh the things we do for love. Sigh.

  2. Hahaha this is so cute! I agree with the post above.. love makes us do crazy things!

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