Saturday, December 18, 2010

On a cold Saturday in December...

So for the past week DC has been smack-dab in the middle of the artic/scary/crazy/cold as Mr. Winter himself weather. However, I have not let that fact keep me from having a nice little Saturday. While my boyfriend, the handsome Mr. Josh Maxwell himself, has been off freezing his little tooshie, I have been in my city having a grand 'ol day! After waking up early and "working on my fitness" at the gym, I had a strong cup of coffee and watched "Son-in-Law" with my gorgeous roommate and her boyfriend. I then made my way down to my neighborhood coffee shop to upload some pictures (I am internet-less at home); AND THAT IS WHEN I SAW IT!!!
I had heard of it...but have yet to experience...
The genious, scrumptious, and all together glorious...
I instantly knew what I must do...head straight to the ATM, withdraw some money, strut my stuff over to the little truck, and make my purchase! I was greeted by a very friendly fellow who helped me make my choices. He wrapped them up, took my money, and I was on my way!
The second I got to Peregrine (my coffee shop) I bought myself a warm beverage....a lovely cappuccino. This is a must for cupcake tasting!

I then set my tantalizing package on the table and got ready to unwrap its yumminess!

First was the Cookies and Cream cupcake...this came highly reccomended from the pink, cupcake truck fellow.

Next was my choice, Peppermint Chocolate, to go along with the holiday spirit!

I then set them on a plate and got ready to enjoy...

DELICIOUS!!! I consider myself a cupcake I know what I am talking about. The cupcakes from Curbside Cupcake are denser...more like a muffin, but still very decadent. The Cookies and Cream cupcake had chopped up oreos inside and is great for the cookie lover. The Chocolate Peppermint is perfect for all you Choc-aholics and only has a touch of peppermint!

Although I still love Georgetown Cupcakes the best, Curbside Cupcake is definitely worth a try...and an added incentive is they travel to you! What more could you ask for? Below is their contact information and you can follow them on both Facebook and Twitter:
So as one can see...I had a delightful Saturday!
Until next time,

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