Thursday, October 28, 2010

Here Kitty Kitty

As most of you know my dad is a vet. Growing up his profession gave me the opportunity to adopt A LOT of pets. Throughout the years I have had goats, pigs, dogs, javelinas, a deer, a bunny, horses, cows, and of course cats. This story revolves around one of my cats..."Blacky."

Around the age of 5 I was obsessed with the idea of flying. I was convinced that if I wished hard enough that I would be able to do it. So one day, I decided that today was indeed the day that I was going to fly. However, I was smart enough to know that I better test out my "flying experiment" before I tried it myself. I went outside, and the first volunteer I spotted was my cat Blacky. "Here Blacky! Here Kitty Kitty!" I called out to her. Black immediately ran to me and I began scratching her right behind her ears. She loved that. "We are going to fly." I told her.

With Blacky in my arms I climbed up the stairs of my tree house. When I got to the top, I held Blacky over the edge and let go. To my dismay (and Blacky's) instead of soaring high in the sky (like I honestly thought she would) gravity pulled her straight down and she screeched "RARRRRARARAR." Luckily, she landed right on her feet. "Oh No!" I yelled as I ran back down the stairs. "Blacky, I am so sorry! Here Kitty Kitty." This time Blacky was not so trusting. She hissed at me and ran away. I felt horrible and started crying. "Daddy..Daddy" I called. "Blacky hates me." My dad reassured me that Blacky did not hate me. He also informed me that cats could not fly and made me promise not to try my experiment with any more of our pets or myself.

A few days later, Blacky had finally forgiven me and she would let me pick her up again. However, after her brush with death Blacky was never quite the same again. Her new crazy antics led to us changing her name to "Cuckoo Kitty." The bright spot is that Cuckoo Kitty did forgive me, I never tried to make her fly again, I gave her extra cream any chance I could get, and she lived to the ripe old age of 19 (which is pretty old for a cat.)

What I would like people to take away from this is kids do have active imaginations....but cats cannot fly. Also, I was a cute kid!The End!

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