Friday, August 6, 2010

I love Clay!

Toni (Momma) and I have a great relationship. She is my best friend, but she is 100% my mother first. She always taught me right from wrong, and that every action has consequences. One of the first times I remember being taught this valuable lesson was when I was in Kindergarten. Toni and I were in Kingsville visiting my Nene. Now people from Falfurrias understand this but whenever us Jersey's travel to the bustling metropolis of Kingsville there are two place YOU HAVE to go to: Super Wal-Mart and Bealls.

Toni and I first stopped in Bealls, and we were perusing the Girls section. Being the stylish mom that she is, Toni had selected a few new skorts and tees for me to try on. So I took my 6-year-old hiney into the dressing room and got ready to play fashion show. While I was changing I noticed a tiny piece of chalk in the dressing room. Why it was in there I will never know, but of course I HAD to write something with it. Around this time in my life is when I fell in love for the first time. His name was Clayton Boerjan, and he had freckles just like mine. I loved Clay, thus I thought it was befitting to proclaim this to the world by writing it on the dressing room wall. Underneath the mirror in very small (practically minute) print I wrote "I Love Clay!" I was very proud of this declaration. Thus, before I modeled my first outfit, I pointed my artwork out to Toni. Needless to say, she was not very impressed. Toni told me that this was against the law, and I had to tell the manager what I had done. My mom took me up to customer service and asked for the manager. "I'm sorry, but I wrote on the wall" I told the manager. My mom then told her "Olivia is willing to come in and do community service as her punishment." I was mortified and a very dark shade of apple red. Toni then made me show the manager my "I love Clay" statement on the wall. Looking back now, I know the manager was trying hard not to laugh at this 6-year-old getting in trouble. She told me never to do it again, and that I was still welcome in the store. However, I left that day without a new skort and rather embarrassed.

The moral of this story is my mom was and still is the best mom ever. Even when I did something wrong, my mom was kind enough and patient enough to explain why the circumstance was unacceptable. She would then tell me she loved me, and we would move on. There were never hard feelings, and she helped me learn from the situation. I love her so much...and she still is my greatest teacher/stylist.
I also still love Clay! Haha! The childhood crush is now a long lasting friendship, and he remains one of my closest friends from Falfurrias. We also both still have freckles!

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