Friday, April 16, 2010


So, to follow up the story about my favorite "little brat" I thought I would tell a story about me. I am a sweet, friendly, and generous person. However, I have a dark secret from my past, and I have decided to expose it now before the tabloids do. Hehe.

When I was in kindergarten, my class and I had to take an hour nap everyday at 1:00pm. Now, as a six year old staying quiet and still for anything longer than 2 minutes is excruciating. Thus, my teacher would entice us with prizes from the "treasure chest" as a reward for good behavior. One beautiful spring day, as we were all getting our mats to prepare for nap time, my teacher made an announcement. "Class!" Mrs. Silva said. "Today I am putting something extra special in the Treasure Chest." Slowly, she raised the mysterious prize in the air. "We are getting a new type writer, so I am putting the old one in the chest. Whoever has the best behavior during nap time today will get to pick their prize first." Normally, the Treasure Chest was filled with things like pencils, stickers, and erasers, but today it was actually going to have a real "gem." At the age of 6, I was an aspiring author...and everyone knew it. Thus, that typewriter had to be mine!!! On most days during nap time, I would whisper back-n-forth with my best friend Kara (although Kara didn't actually talk...she was completely silent all of I guess really I did all of the whispering.) Not today! Immediately, I laid down on my mat, closed my eyes, and was instantly "asleep."

About ten minutes into nap time, there was a bit of rustle and some conversation. I opened one eye (just to check and make sure that Mrs. Silva was ok.) and I noticed that my arch nemesis Lindsey was gathering up her things. Her mom had come to pick her up early to go to the dentist (she was ALWAYS going to the dentist.) On her way out the door, I heard Lindsey ask Mrs. Silva "Can I still pick something from the Treasure Chest?" Well, of course Mrs. Silva had to let her. Not only was she the nicest teacher ever, but Lindsey's mom was standing right there. "Of course." Mrs. Silva told Lindsey. Lindsey pranced right over to the Treasure Chest and took MY typewriter with her sneaky and sticky little hands! I was outraged! How could she? That was mine!!! She knew I wanted to be writer. It was then that I made a promise to myself. I would get my revenge!

About a week later, during our spelling lesson, Mrs. Silva let us work in pairs. Kara and I were together, of course. As we worked on our words, Lindsey's mom showed up yet again. She was picking up Lindsey for another dentist appointment. I watched as Lindsey turned in her spelling assignment and then skipped out the door. I knew this was my chance to get my revenge. With the help of Kara (she would never protest...heck! She didn't talk!), we stole Lindsey's schoolwork off of Mrs. Silva's desk. Giggling as we worked, we slowly redid Lindsey assignment...misspelling the words and writing in horrible handwriting. When we finished our own assignments (which was perfectly spelled and beautifully written) we placed all three of the pieces of paper on Mrs. Silva's desk. She never even noticed what had happened.

Lindsey received a D on that assignment, and I received an A! She and I had always been tied for Valedictorian of Kindergarten, and on that day I became the best student in the kindergarten class of 1991. She might have had my typewriter, but I had the best grades.

Moral of the Story: Revenge is sweet....sometimes. Although, I did get even...later I felt really guilty. I actually even confessed this "sin" to my priest at my First Confession in third grade. So, if you are willing to live with the guilt and all means seek your revenge. However, if it eats at it did me....Don't do it.

Also, if you are wanting to know a little more about Lindsey and my relationship. The summer between kindergarten and 1st grade her family moved to South Dakota (talk about extreme...from Falfurrias, TX to South Dakota.) We left on good terms...but she never knew the truth about what I did. However, she did take my typewriter with her.

I hope all of you can forgive me for this indiscretion...but it does make a great story. Plus, how can you stay mad at this little face:

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  1. LIVERS! This is probably the BEST story I have ever heard- Plus...Gungi is featured!